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Lt. Davidson - That infuriating Romulan

Selene Faranfey

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(( Corridor - Deck 5 - USS Doyle-A ))
:: Brian Davidson stormed through the corridors of the USS Doyle in an uncharacteristically angry mood. He had heard it from his friend in security who had heard it from a Lieutenant on the bridge and the only person who would have phrased such remarks was a certain Romulan Tribune who he was heading for at the moment. ::
:: Coming up to the holodeck that she was currently occupying, he strode in unannounced and ignored the surprised looks on the different holographic federation delegates faces and made his way to the face he did recognize. She, at present, was wearing a scarlet red sheer dress and clutching a small, silver handbag chatting nicely with the Bolian representative for the Bolaux Group, he saw her eyes dart in his direction and the sweet smile vanish immediately. ::
Davidson: ::Angrily:: I want to speak with you, Tribune. 
Chekran: ::Surprised:: Tribune? 
:: Shiarrael Ei-Ihhliae groaned in exasperation, dropped the silver purse revealing a compact disruptor.::
Shiarrael: There goes my clean exit. 
:: Snapping the neck of the Bolaux Group’s CEO, the Romulan then discharged the disruptor in to the holographic representation of the new Federation president before calling out for the program to freeze. ::
Shiarrael: It took me three days to work this invitation, Davidson and you screw it up in one minute
:: Davidson did not care. He was shaking from all his anger and he stepped over the body of the dead bolian. ::
Davidson: I have a bone to pick with you and I’m trying to ignore the fact that you just assassinated the highest leader of the Federation without blinking an eye. 
Shiarrael: ::grinning:: I love your holodecks.
Davidson: Why did you tell everybody about the Pajamas I was wearing and the fact that I’m not good in a combat situation. 
Shiarrael: ::mock surprise:: me? Tell stories? 
:: Davidson balled his fists in anger and gritted his teeth. ::
Davidson: I know it was you. I quote, “The poor ih'feanna saehne wore animal pajamas to a fight. Not like he can fight though.” NO ONE speaks Romulan while telling a story. Why did you do it? 
Shiarrael: ::growling:: Why did you tell Captain Faranfey that we slept together? 
:: Brian looked at her with genuine shock. What? The captain knew? Not only was that a surprise, but now he had an issue with his position being in jeopardy. Cavorting with an foreign officer was not good for business in the Diplomatic Corps. ::
Davidson: I never told her. 
Shiarrael: Liar. She intimated it the majority of the weeks were on that aehallhai planet. 
Davidson: I wouldn’t have said a thing because it’s not good for my career, let alone you threatened to castrate me if I said anything. 
:: A gleam appeared in the Romulan’s eye at his words and he took one step back. His eyes darted down to her hands to make sure the blade she usually carried had not mysteriously appeared. ::
Shiarrael: I did, didn’t I? But where's the fun in that? 
:: His anger began to reach the point of overflowing at the infuriating woman he had spent one night with. Had he realized how much trouble she would have caused him, Brian would have ignored her prodding in the hallway so many weeks ago. ::
Davidson: I am sick and tired of you making fun of me. 
Shiarrael: Awww. Poor little Davidson. Don’t humans like cry when they get upset or something? 
:: He did it before realizing what he was doing. Davidson hauled back and took a swing at the beautiful face of his antagonist. Did he think he was going to succeed? Of course, not. She was a highly trained assassin who had given up that life and so she deflected the blow without even moving away. ::
Shiarrael: Not bad. 
:: The next thing he saw was stars and fell over backwards on top of the holographic remains of the Bolaux Group CEO. Blood ran down his nose and she stood over him with that infuriating smirk. ::
Shiarrael: That’s how to throw a punch, sweetheart. 
:: He growled at her, but then saw the hand she proffered to him. Taking it, she hefted him up rather easily and he accepted the handkerchief she pulled out of the pocket of the frozen bystander nearby. ::
Shiarrael: It is my fault for assuming that was you. If you haven’t told anyone, I don’t know how she found out. It’s not like she knows you or me. 
:: Davidson held the handkerchief to his nose to stop the flow of blood trying to come up with an excuse to tell medical. He shrugged. ::
Davidson: There is something about her. Something that we...er...I’ve been trying to figure out for sometime. 
Shiarrael: Computer. End program. 
:: The program shifted off and she smiled at him with the same eyes that got him in trouble in the first place. He glared back at her still not quite ready for forgive her. ::
Shiarrael: ::silkily:: Looks like I owe you an apology. What are you doing tonight? 
Davidson: ::pointed:: Staying as far away from you as I can. 
PNPC Lt. Brian Davidson 
Diplomatic Attache
USS Doyle-A 
PNPC Tribune Shiarrael
Diplomatic Liaison Officer
Romulan Republic
As Simmed By….
Colonel Nugra
Marine Commanding Officer
USS Doyle-A, NCC-80221-B
Podcast Team Facilitator
Deputy Commandant
Captain's Council Magistrate
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