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Joint Starfleet-Intaran base begins operations

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Richard Janon reports from Forward Operating Base Gwalior on Intar near the Tzenkethi border, which opened to fanfare, musical performances, and a surprise starship landing.

When the Federation was first contacted by the Intaran Executive Council, little did they know it would take three Starfleet captains to negotiate for a joint Federation/Intaran base. Despite their request for a meeting with a Starfleet representative, the Executive Council turned away Captain Jonas Han[...] of the USS Indominable, requesting that Starfleet send a representative “of great stature”.

In response, the Federation flagship was pulled from its patrol duties and sent to Intar in the hopes that its captain, a noted diplomat, would be able to negotiate. While met with courtesy and goodwill by the Executive Council, as well as the populace in general, he was also turned away at the first meeting. Subsequent meetings were held, several with members of the ship’s crew whom the captain hoped would be acceptable to the Intarans. Finally, a civilian contractor, a Bolian, was included in the negotiation party, where the Starfleet delegation learned they were all too thin, which made many Intarans uncomfortable.

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This is a reader-submitted article. Read more at Star Trek: Citadel. A fan-fiction project by John H. Harris and Jack Elmlinger, Star Trek: Citadel explores contemporary themes through the idea of a world where nearly everyone is what we would consider overweight.

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