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Doyle crew goes missing while on routine mission

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BRIAR PATCH — In a strange and worrying turn of events, the USS Sheffield, commanded by a skeleton crew from the USS Doyle-A, has been reported missing in the Briar Patch.

The office of Captain Shelthar Faranster announced that the vessel, commanded by his sister Captain Selene Faranfey, failed to report and was now considered missing in action.

“The crew of the Doyle-A was temporarily assigned to the USS Sheffield as their vessel was required to be shut down for mandatory software upgrades,” said Lt. Commander Brian Walters, JAG officer and legal aid to the Deep Space 285 command staff, in a prepared statement to the press. “The ship was assigned to investigate the planet of Pariah in the Briar Patch for a dilithium mining feasibility study. Initial deep space scans have not detected a beacon or the vessel itself, and so we are now endeavoring to begin a full search of the surrounding systems in case they suffered equipment failure or other space faring issue.”

The three support vessels of the station have been deployed to begin the sweep of the sector, though the USS Zion returned early suffering a power failure with her warp core. Speculation abounds among the denizens of the station as they try to ascertain their fate as the captain and crew have proven to be popular with the station population.

“Captain Faranfey and her crew sometimes come in to my shop for dinner,” said James Astair, owner of the Stellar Drinks. “She’s easy to spot with her intense eyes and brown hair. I had always thought Antosian hair was always bright, vibrant colors. They all are really friendly people and I would hate to think something happened to them.”

Time will only tell if they are able to locate the USS Sheffield and her crew, but Captain Faranster has already proven he would not rest nor give up on his crew as the USS Doyle-A’s upgrade was rushed to completion and is preparing to launch. A request to Starfleet has been submitted to request a deep scan vessel to help in the search, utilizing its strong and accurate scanner to pinpoint lost vessels. Many hope that the request will be approved before it is too late.

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