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JP - Lt. JG Flynn & Lt. JG Ezo: Rescues & Retaliations

Sal Taybrim

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((Main Sickbay - aCMO’s office - Starbase 118))

((Timeframe - Day of Voodoo Lounge invite))



::Now that the crew had safely returned from Tilanna V, Mirra had found herself buried under a veritable mountain of paperwork. It seemed that in the brief amount of time she had been away, it had multiplied like a pile of frisky tribbles. Between getting caught up with the going-ons of the base, Mirra had been keeping in contact with the physicians on Tilanna V in regards to the ongoing treatment plan for ATH users. It has been only a few days, but still the results had remained positive.


::Shortly after return, Mirra had sent out a lengthy, highly specific memo to the entire staff that if anyone were to arrive at the base displaying ATH withdrawal or positively testing for the drug, it was to be reported to her immediately. She planned on doing all that she could to prevent the devastation of Tilanna V to reach them here on the base. She had been debating tossing the pile of PADDs out of the nearest airlock and escaping to the open air of Central Park when she was drawn to movement in her doorway.::


Ezo: ::brightening:: Flynn!


::Sauntering into Mirra’s office without invite as was becoming his habit, he looked up from the PADD he was glued to when she greeted him, only to find her swimming in a sea of work that quickly reminded him of the pile of work on his own desk that had piled up while they were off saving the universe.::


Flynn: ::Grinning:: Hey sunshine. Need to be rescued?


Ezo: ::playfully whimpering:: Yes please. Who knew helping run a department involved so much paperwork….remind me to send a “Thank you” muffin basket to Doc MacLaren….


Flynn: Yeah no kidding. ::He moved a small stack of PADDs from the corner of her desk and propped himself up.:: My desk is almost as bad as yours, doesn’t help that my Junior Administrator took an extended leave. ::He tugged at his collar and leaned forward slightly with a hushed tone.:: I think I triggered her Pon farr...


::Rolling her eyes, she had the sudden desire to shove him off the corner of her desk while explaining the details of Vulcan female physiology, however, she decided any sudden movement might cause the avalanche effect of her piles of PADDs. She stuck with spearing him with an unamused glare.::


Ezo: ::flatly:: How inconsiderate of you. This is a terrible attempt at rescue by the way, how is planting your widely remarked upon posterior on my desk considered helpful?


Flynn: ::Looking perplexed.:: I feel like you just answered your own question. ::He smiled and handed her the PADD he had been absorbed in.:: I’m looking over replacement candidates, check this guy out.


::Accepting the PADD, Mirra was glancing at a rather surly looking Antican male. Despite the long list of accolades, there was an equally, if not longer list of infractions. It appeared his temper was short and the capability to hold a grudge was vast.::


Flynn: A nice list of accomplishments, but I think his beard is my favorite.


Ezo: Yeah...and did you read the part where he tried to strangle someone with it?


Flynn: Oh…::He took the PADD back and looked at the segment she had highlighted.:: Is it bad that I’m more impressed now?


::Mirra had to admit the mental picture of a pouncing Antican with a weaponized beard was rather impressive.::


Ezo: Be impressed from afar. Who’s next?


Flynn: I do have a favorite. ::He pulled it up and handed it over.:: Bactrican, fresh out of the academy but she has a great….::He snapped his fingers looking for the word.::


Ezo: ::glancing at the PADD:: …..Body? ::tossing the PADD back:: No. Just-no. Next.


Flynn: What? ::A guilty smile.:: The job can get very...physical.


Ezo: No, it doesn’t. And if it does you need reassigned. NEXT.


::Antero looked over the list again and stopped on the Zaldan female he had considered earlier. On the surface he wasn’t sure it was a good fit, but something kept drawing him back. He wouldn't have to explain the implications of working with someone of the famously blunt Zaldan race.::


Flynn: There is this one, but I’m not sure…::He handed her the file.:: There are a lot of short assignments, and I don’t find myself wondering why.


::Accepting the PADD, Mirra was impressed with the list of accomplishments, and although several disciplinary actions, it seemed they stemmed from those not properly accepting the nuances of her race. The more she read, the more she was determined for this to be the chosen candidate.::


Ezo: Flynn she’s perfect. By nature extremely straight forward, not going to be one to not make her stance clear, she even served on Earth Spacedock. You know she can handle the pressure….besides she may be the one female candidate who won’t fall for your...uh...youness.


Flynn: ::Laughing:: You might have a point. I’ll bring her in for an interview at least…


::Laughing at the thought of Flynn’s chances of survival through said interview, the telltale ping of an important message sounded, as a crew-wide reminder communique from the Captain appeared on the screen..::




To: StarBase 118 Senior Staff

From: Commander Sal Taybrim

Subject: Crew ceremony and gathering


Please join us this Friday evening, at the Voodoo Lounge Jazz Club, we have the back room set aside for the evening's festivities.  Dinner will be served and you have a choice of logically refreshing vegetarian fare provided by the Illogical Eatery or satisfying grilled meat products provided by Best of the Wurst (voted 'the Best Carnivore Restaurant' on SB118 Ops three years running).


We will have a live band, a selection of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and a side area with activities for children, and a registered babysitter.  Dress is casual, and you are welcome to bring a guest.


Please arrive starting at 1730, or by 1800 hours, sharp.


~Commander Sal Taybrim




::Glancing at the time, it appeared the pair had about an hour to get changed and report to the Voodoo Lounge. Grinning, Mirra stood up from her desk, stretching her sore muscles.::


Ezo: Well? Looks like this is an official rescue for both of us, courtesy of Commander Taybrim. Somehow I managed to get so caught up I lost track of the days. C’mon, we’ll discuss this further on the way to get ready.


::As the two friends exited her office, Mirra linked her arm through his in their usual fashion. She hadn’t had the chance to touch base with him after the return from the base. She felt guilty about that fact and vowed to make up for lost time. Laying her head against his shoulder while they walked, she was sensing a deep conflict within him.::


Ezo: So...candidates aside, how are you doing? You know, with how things went on Tilanna V…


::Already taking comfort in the company of his friend, he took a deep breath and exhaled before responding. Knowing Mirra had always been a source of strength in tough times.


Flynn: Not great if I’m honest. I talked to Tyler some, he helped put some things in perspective. I guess it couldn’t hurt to talk to Zinna sometime. Maybe she can help me with these dark dreams I have been having. I’ve not been getting the best sleep...


Ezo ::nodding:: That’s completely understandable. This mission has been...most difficult, to say the least. Tyler would be a great person to speak with ::grinning:: Not that I am biased by any means…


::She meant what she had said. Tyler had been her own pillar of strength when the dreams came haunting her in the dark.::


Flynn: ::Grinning:: He was good for some fun unwinding too. ::He looked down at her with a smirk:: Maybe you can relate in a somewhat different aspect.


Ezo: ::elbowing him lightly, ignoring the implication:: And Zinna of course would be wonderful, she’s been truly invaluable with Mase, and I am still amazed that he is doing as well as he is. To be honest, I think he has been great for Theo, he has something positive from the experience to focus on. Instead of only seeing the negative. I’ve been spending time conversing with the doctors presiding over the ATH treatments, and seeing any amount of progress has helped me handle the memories of the devastation.


Flynn: That’s great. I am a strong witness to what Theo had to go through. ::He shook his head.:: I can't image what you saw with the poor victims down there. It’s nice to hear that some good is coming of it. ::At the mention of Mase, the Risian excitedly remembered his inspiration the night before.:: Oh! So I was trying to think of ways to, you know, get my head back on straight. I’m  going to start teaching swimming lessons here on the base, just like I used to do on Risa.


Ezo ::face softening:: That is a brilliant idea Flynn. I think that will do you a world of good. And, it might be a wonderful introduction to socialization for Mase with kids his own age. ::grinning:: Instructor Flynn. Nice ring to it. ::smirking:: although I am sure you’ll have plenty of spectators there to see you in your swim trunks.


::Before long, the two had made it to their prospective quarters to change and get ready for the evening's festivities. Returning to their agreed upon meeting place, Mirra had changed into a loose fitting light teal top and a pair of cuffed, cream colored shorts. She left her hair in soft waves, and had slipped on a pair of sparkly, strappy silver sandals with a slight heel. Smiling, she approached Flynn looking dapper in his black jeans and white button up shirt, wrapped in a smoke grey cardigan with black edging. Resuming their earlier stance with linked arms, they were outside the doors of the Voodoo Jazz lounge before long.::


::Stepping through the doors, Mirra was impressed by the lighting and the smooth jazz notes weaving its way through the crowd. Seeing several of their fellow crew proceeding them, they made their towards the bar.::


Ezo: ::smiling:: It appears we’re fashionably right on time.


::Peering around and enjoying the ambiance, he was about to respond when he noticed an opportunity standing nearby with its back turned. He stopped in his tracks and graced Mirra with a dead serious expression.::


Flynn: If you will excuse me, a certain Gorn Marine has an overdue appointment with a headlock.


Ezo: ::eyes widening:: Flynn no!!


::As he dashed off, the sound of his only salvation fell on deaf ears.::


Ezo: ::sighing:: By the Gods...no way this is ending well….


Lieutenant JG Antero Flynn

CAG Officer

Starbase 118/Aegis





Lieutenant JG Mirra Ezo, MD

Ast. Chief Medical Officer

Starbase 118 Ops


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