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Academy 3 Graduating Class of 239303.15

Dizmim ChNilmani

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DATES: The class began on March 9, 2016 and ended March 15, 2016.
LIST: sb118-academy3

COMMANDING OFFICER: Lt. Commander Ben Edwards
FIRST OFFICER: Lt. Commander Nicu Icavoc


  • Savan
  • Taelon

Congratulations, Ensigns! At any time both my door and that of Fleet Admiral Wolf is open to you for anything you need!

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W00t!  Congrats ensigns and welcome to the fleet!

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2 hours ago, Paul Scudder said:

Congrats, Ensigns! Savan, I already said hello to you on the Thunder/Embassy. Taelon, where'd you end up?

StarBase 118 OPs! Which means I get the Excelsior class ship, aka the best one :harry:

Thanks for the welcome, all! Training was a lot of fun and I'm excited to get started with the fleet proper!

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Congratulations to you both! I really enjoyed simming with you in the Academy and wish you many happy adventures on your new ship. :D

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Thanks all for the welcome!

It turned out my character Savan arrived right in the middle of red alert on the Thunder, went to tactical, might be preparing a tachyon pulse and is ready to fire a payload of torpedos. I think his total time on the bridge now IC has been 10 minutes!

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