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USS Constitution locates missing starship

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BETREKA NEBULA — A Starfleet vessel reported missing for over a century has been rediscovered, but the mystery lingers after the investigating team reported strange sights and sounds aboard her.

Shore leave was cut short for the crew of the USS Constitution NCC-9012-B after they received a distress call from what appeared to be the long-lost USS Unity. The Constitution traced the signal to the Betreka Nebula and set its own coordinates for the region. On the way to the nebula, the crew was briefed and proceeded to prepare for their arrival. To everyone’s surprise, the Constitution was able to locate what appeared to be the Unity inside the nebula.

Captain Jalana Rajel sent an away team over to the powerless ship to investigate further. The team was comprised of LtCmdr. T’Mar, LtCmdr. Sinda Essen, LtCmdr. Kalos Fiorr, LtJG. Jerome Milsap, Ens. Solaris McLaren, and SCPO Riyao. Once aboard the Unity, the away team began hallucinating, some hearing voices and others seeing dark images. The cause of these hallucinations remain unknown at this time.

Unbeknownst to the away team, the Constitution dealt with its own problems. A strange gas was leaking onto at least two decks, and power was lost on multiple decks as well. Several rescue and repair teams were sent out. Meanwhile, in sickbay, the medical staff and a few unfortunate patients were attacked by an apparently malfunctioning Emergency Medical Hologram known as “Mark.”

“It’s like a curse. Or a her if you believe in that type of stuff,” said Constitution crew member Ens. Joey Peach. “People seeing ghosts and hearing things. It’s not right. It’s just not right.”

Ghosts or not, the Constitution is far from solving the mystery of the disappearance of the Unity. In addition to figuring out what caused the Unity to disappear in the first place, the crew must also determine who sent the distress call after all this time and why.

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