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Darwin crew cuts ribbon on Delta Quadrant outpost

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OUTPOST UNITY — The crew of the USS Darwin-A celebrated the opening of Outpost Unity last month with an anniversary celebration and an Earth-style ‘roast’ of the ship’s captain.

Following months of consultation and assistance from the senior staff of the USS Darwin-A, the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, and the Talaxian government, the first permanent Federation presence in the Delta Quadrant has finished construction.

Outpost Unity, built on the surface of an as-yet impenetrable Dyson Sphere in the Pouiyeog Region, was designed as a trading post and staging area for further Starfleet exploration into the quadrant. Administered by a joint Federation–Talaxian collaboration, Outpost Unity will be the new home base for Darwin and her crew.

The construction of the outpost was not without its share of problems; a heating malfunction sent several crewmembers to sickbay with hypothermia, and a shuttle crash injured Lt jg Randal Shayne, Lt Todd Manius, and their Talaxian pilot Praxo.

At the ceremony dedicating the opening of Outpost Unity, both Federation and Talaxian officials feted the historic partnership between the two governments. As part of the ceremony, Captain Renos took the opportunity to promote Shayne to full lieutenant, and Ens Isabel Pond to lieutenant, junior grade, as well as award Purple Hearts to Manius and Shayne. Renos completed the honors by making a round of department head and assistant head assignments, and then the crew of Darwin joined the inhabitants of Outpost Unity for a large party.

After the opening, Darwin received new crew to replace officers who transferred to the outpost or returned to Federation Space, among them Lt jg Merrick R’Ven and Ens Han Yamaki. As the new crew got acquainted, the existing crew enjoyed well deserved downtime after a hectic six months spent designing the outpost.

Shortly after, a second event took place on Outpost Unity’s main promenade: the celebration of the first anniversary of Darwin’s relaunch. Replete with guests from the Alpha Quadrant, the large banquet celebrated the ship’s accomplishments over the past year, and various Darwin alumni and other dignitaries sent their regards.

The evening was capped with a special promotion ceremony, in which Captain Renos was awarded the flag rank of Fleet Captain. RAdml Toni Turner appeared before the assembled crowd via holographic projection to award the promotion, and said of the occasion: “The pip Renos now wears is a symbol of devotion to duty, and status in Starfleet through your accomplishments. Wear it always in pride and good health, Fleet Captain. And please accept my sincere congratulations on your promotion!”

Switching from the solemnity of the promotion ceremony, LtCmdr Maxwell Traenor launched a comedic roast of Renos, to the hilarity and enjoyment of some and the horror and discomfort of others. Renos, unused to the Terran tradition, found it highly uncomfortable, but remained in good spirits through the end of the evening.

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