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Opening Minds: Author of best-selling holonovel “Telepathis” speaks out

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Rita Flemming, the award-winning author of the mystery/adventure holonovel Telepathis, discusses the problems between telepathic and non-telepathic species currently seen in the Tacalia system near the Federation’s border.

Soon after the release of Telepathis in October 2392, the holonovel became one of the most popular and best-selling ones in its genre. People from all over United Earth, including the colonies have been activating their holosuites to go through the thirty-seven chapters as either female or male protagonist, Yalissa Fields or Frayn Lawrence.

In the novel, the author describes a world which is seperated into two different ethical groups – telepaths and non-telepaths – who hardly interact with each other on official channels as well as privately. Telepathis, the only education institution, main employer, and single political party every telepath is forced to join from birth, manipulate and bring their members into line.

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This article was written by Sam aka Ensign Tonya Lang of the USS Gorkon. Submit your own stories to the FNS!

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