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Welcome to the 2024 Awards Ceremony!


Welcome to the 2024 Awards Ceremony!

  • July 1st, Monday: PRESENTATION: Introduction, General Awards
  • July 2nd, Tuesday: PRESENTATION: Special and Length of Service Awards
  • July 3rd, Wednesday: PRESENTATION: Staff Awards
  • July 4th, Thursday: PRESENTATION: Duty Post Awards
  • July 5th, Friday: Finale/Acknowledgments
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PNPC Lyna Namid - Don't want to leave you.

Graeme Cook

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((Transporter Room, Deck 9 , USS Darwin-A))


::Today was a day of mixed emotions. Lyna Namid was leaving the place she had called home since Sicarian agents had sntched her from her homeworld many months ago. She had once been so afraid of aliens she had been too afraid to leave the shelter of the Darwin to make the intimidatingly long journey home. Aliens still made her nervous from time to time, especially ones she hadn’t met but nowadays it was rooted more in a fear of offending them than an inbred dislike of them as it had been initially. She was excited to have this opportunity to spread her wings but it was tinged with sadness.::

::Unexpectedly, the xenophobic Ash’lie had grown to see beyond her people’s prejudices. She saw value in these new people she had met even if she was still a pacifist at heart and did not agree with all she had seen and heard of. Many of these species histories had been plagued with wars and as much as she wanted to guide them away from violent tendencies she knew she did not have the influence. Perhaps this role as a diplomat would allow her to become an Ambassador for her people and someday have the influence to encourage different approaches to problems.::


::There was one person above all else she would miss. Her feelings for him had grown in unexpected ways. Last night talking to Graeme about cross-species relations and realising the fact they were different species didn’t have to be a barrier had brought those feelings into sharp focus. Graeme was the most wonderful, kind man she had ever met. He had treated her better than anyone among her own people. Happiness filled her as he finished saying goodbye to Lyldra and approached her as well as sorrow in knowing they would not see each other again for some months.::


Cook: ::In a hesitant voice:: Hey I just wanted to say I had an amazing time last night! Here I want you to have this take it with you.

::Last night had been one of the true highlights of her time on the Darwin. Being in love and feeling loved was something she hadn’t experienced before - at least not like this. This was different to the familial bonds she had back home. She looked at the gift and gratefully received it - a wonderful light blue blanket with green squares and straight red lines crossing through them. It was soft to touch and Lyna was delighted to have such a practical gift. Hopefully where they were going she wouldn’t need it but it warmed her heart to know Graeme was thinking about her comfort. Every time she looked at it or held it she’d think of him and the great times they’d shared.::


Lyna: Thank you ‘mynameisGraeme’ ::With  playful nudge:: I had a great time too and thank you for the beautiful blanket.


Cook: I'm nae good at this goodbye malarkey!

::As Graeme choked up with emotion Lyna saw how much this meant to him. It was difficult to leave but easier on her being the one who had agreed to it. She couldn’t miss this chance to become a contributing member of the Federation. If everything worked out like she wanted she would be able to continue seeing Graeme regularly after the trip to Earth. Otherwise she would have to beg Captain Renos to let her return to the Darwin. The androgynous commanding officer had been beyond accommodating to her and she was always mindful of and grateful for it.::


Cook: I know it's not forever but it will feel like it!


Lyna: The time will fly by Graeme as we will both be so busy.

::Lyna had often had to wait weeks at a time sometimes to be able to spend time with Graeme because his work kept him so busy. At first she had not understood this because the crafting professions she was familiar with operated in a considerably more relaxed fashion. In time she had come to understand how things on the ship work and just as importantly, why things were so. Now she would not be constantly available to him whenever he had the time to visit. It would be strange being around so many strangers, with Lyldra being the only familiar face. Graeme pulled her into a strong embrace. She felt safe in his arms and started to well up with emotion too - this was it. After she transported over to the Endeavour she wouldn’t see him again for a long time. She squeezed him tighter, wanting to make the moment last as long as reasonably possible.::


Cook: I will miss you.

::Her ears were highly sensitive and as he whispered in one, he could feel his breath tickling her skin, making her grin. ::


Lyna: ::Whispering back:: And I will miss you. I wish you could come with me… don’t say it, I understand now. Your duty is here.

::Lyna released her grip of him as he let her go and took her hand. They looked into each other’s eyes, enjoying a brief moment of silent understanding.::


Cook: I will video message you when I can. As I know you and I will be busy.....

::As Lyna saw the tears start to fall she had to struggle to hold back her own. She was a sensitive, emotional soul, prone to tears and did not want to be engulfed by the sadness she felt over leaving Graeme behind. To get through the next few months without him she needed to remember and focus on the positives because the tasks ahead would not be easy, the training would be intense.::


Lyna: Don’t be sad Graeme. ::Touching his cheek:: We will see each other before we realise any time has passed.


Lyldra: ::She looked to Lyna:: Are you ready.


::Lyna glanced over to Lyldra, suddenly feeling guilty for keeping her waiting. The Bolian had a number of people who wanted to bid her farewell but the petite Ash’lie by comparison knew very few of the crew and was close to very few of those.::


Cook: Look after each other.......... Don't forget my stick of rock

::He burst out with a sobbing laugh that broke Lyna’s heart. She didn’t get the joke but there was classic Graeme - trying to see the lighter side of life even when he was feeling down. She had such tremendous admiration of him for his strength and endlessly fun loving personality.  She stepped onto the transporter pad near Lyldra and when she looked back to Graeme he seemed a little more composed. The floodgates that were holding back her own tears were starting to crack. She knew that as soon as she transported to the Endeavour the reality of leaving Graeme behind would it her full force and she would probably end up crying it out of her system.::


Lyldra: Fare Tidings to you all. Until the next time I see you all again.


Anyone:  response


::Cook looked at Lyna and mimed the words I'll miss you.::


Lyldra: Enginerize.


::Lyna felt a very slight, strange sensation as she was engulfed completely by blue light. This was still a new experience to her for there were only a very small handful of time she had used the transporters. She patted her stomach, hips and thighs on rematerialisation as she found to her immense relief and awe that she was still very much in one piece. She nervously shuffled a little closer together a someone approached - she presumed they would show the pair to their temporary quarters.::



PNPC Lyna Namid - Trainee Diplomat
Simmed by:-

Fleet Captain Renos - Commanding Officer, USS Darwin NCC-99312-A

* Executive Council & Captain's Council Member
* Cadet Steward
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