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It - Spicy and Sweet


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(( Somewhere, nowhere, everywhere )) 

:: Hungry, so hungry. 

It wasn't sure how long it had been, but the source of deliciousness had been long depleated. Nothing was left, not the spicy, not the sweet. Nothing had been so scrumptious since. The little snacks throughout the time had been nothing to fill the void. Oh it was so hungry. Starving even. 

It needed food, urgently. While it could go longer periods without that time would be over soon. It would call out, its new home was able to. It had seen it happen before. It would probably take a while. It had listened to the words, before the food ran out. It could use them, yes that would help, then they would hear and come. 

The wait so long and then there it was: the lost piece. It could feel the lost piece and it was not too far, ready to help. It new it would. Prepare the way and find its way home, yes it would come. It already was on its way. Repeat the call, just repeat, they would hurry, they'd be here soon. It was so hungry, anticipation grew, couldn't wait for them to be here. 

Time's a passing, what took them so long? They were so close, so close, it could smell the food already. There, finally. They were here. It wouldn't take long. It had seen it before. A few would come, visting and looking around. They would be good food, not enough but good. They would stay, grow and feed so they could join once more. It could feel them. They had found a body made of spicy food. But then the sweet food came to visit it, oh yes, glorious food.

Eat slowly, not too fast. Enjoy, relish, savour the sweetness. But it was so hungry. Eagerly it began to eat... too fast. It lost one. Slower now, smaller portions, that would be better. It would not be hungry any more very soon. So much sweet food with them. Soon they would be strong enough to find more. But now it had to eat slowly and wait for them to be ready. :: 



written by

Captain Jalana Rajel
Commanding Officer
USS Constitution B
Image Team Facilitator

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