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Surprise party for Rear Admiral Toni Turner

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DURONIS II – After all the crew had returned to the Embassy, the Laudean Government found and returned the missing Federation Ambassador Anora to the Embassy where her daughter LtCmdr. Anora Manar and RAdml. Toni Turner met her.

While they spoke Major Ben Edwards started his new job as Executive Officer at the Embassy, while Ben settled into his new role he discovered that Toni was approaching her 5 years in command of the Embassy and had been with fleet 118 for 10 years.

Ben put out invites to all Embassy personnel and some of Toni’s past colleagues and friends. While the crew prepped for the party Major Irina Pavlova and Captain Samal Frazier went with Toni to the local Carnival to distract her.

Upon their return Ben and the Embassy crew sprung the surprise, Toni arrived at the hall to a massive array of guest from throughout her past.

“This was one of the best parties I’ve been too,” said a Laudean music student.

The entertainment came from local Laudean Music academy and the Embassy own Doctor LtCmdr. Boris Hendon. Following the music Toni was presented with a few awards.

“The kids that help present the awards were so cute,” said one guest.

After the Awards had been presented the crew enjoyed food and drinks before heading outside to see a few shows. LtCmdr. S’karr Rossh had managed to set up a surprise with the help of his team to let Toni and her guests see like the local Laudeans. The show was a big success with the team nearly getting it perfect. After the display Major Hannibal Parker took to the stage to start the marine Fighter display that he’d choreograph, it showed the skill of the pilots and the fighter. Hannibal finished up the entertainment with a spectacular fireworks display.

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