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Ens Dial - Time Out


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((Starbase 11))

Dial: No, Boe, I didn't mean to...

Boe: But you did it.

::Angrily,  Boe, Dial's obese sibling, stomped off the room. Dial tried to follow but with every step the ground felt more and more like viscous honey. It became harder and harder to follow Boe and eventually Dial tumbled. Falling into the molten ground Dial made one last attempt to reach out to her sibling.::

Dial: Wait, Boe. Please. ::The huge Paelian didn't even look back and only after the doors closed, Dial said, more to herself than to her sibling that was gone once more.:: I need you.

::Dial's eyes blinked and she hyperventilated. She had missed the one opportunity to get Boe back, to reconcile with him. To her it didn't matter, that she sunk more and more into molten ground. In fact she appreciated it. At some point, she was completely swallowed and woke up.::

((Starbase 11, psychiatric ward, Dial's quarter))

::Dial felt her body parching while she breathed stertorously. Entirely dried out, she made it somehow to get out of bed, tumble into the bathroom and turn on the aquatic shower. She laid down a while without moving while replicated water showered down on her physically exhausted body. Very slowly she started to move again. She turned around so that not only her back would be watered. At some point, she opened her mouth and with the water reviving her body functions, her brain started to work properly again. Only now she understood that what she had experienced moments before was merely a dream.::

Dial: oO Can you believe this? Only three days aboard this station and I am freaking out like this.Oo ::A few seconds passed before another thought crossed her mind. oO Moy, this is why they got you here, remember?Oo

((Flashback, USS Constitution, Evening of the Holiday Party))

Dial: Hey Alex.
Williams: Dial!? What an unexpected surprise.
Dial: Prepared a little something for you. ::Handing over a gift that was packed in transparent wrapping paper.::
Williams: Aw? You shouldn’t have. ::Alex took the gift and felt his cheeks burn a little.:: What is it?
Dial: Moy, open it. You'll see.
Williams: Thank you Dial. That is very thoughtful.
Dial: Moy, press the button on the bottom.
:: Alex looked a little puzzled since he hadn’t seen the button yet. When he did find it he pressed it and a small hologram was projected through the berg crystal. It started with a picture of a city, high from the sky and as the picture zoomed in Alex recognized it. It was Venice, the city he visited with Dial about two years ago. As the scene zoomed in even further Alex could see two people in a gondola and it didn’t take him long to see it was him with Dial.::
Faranster: That's so beautiful, Dial. :: Her voice full of awe, as she got closer and was able to look more closely at the people in the boat. ::
::Dial recognized Dr. Faranster's voice. She had seen her around Alex and actually she had hoped to catch Alex when he was alone. Now she felt a little ridiculous for giving him the gift this evening.::
Williams: Dial this is amazing
::Utterly cconfused, Dial didn't know how to answer in this situation and helplessly turned at Faranster.::
Faranster: I'm sorry to intrude, I was looking for Alex, I didn't know this was a private moment. :: Her tone was soft, and demure. :: I just had a couple questions, but they can wait.
Williams: Well… ::Alex now turned away from Dial and focused on Sundassa:: oO Oh dear… this is going to end bad for someone.. Oo to be honest I wanted to discuss something with you as well.
Dial: I don't want disturb you two any furhter.
Faranster: I'm not worried about that. :: She smiled. :: I was just curious if there were meanings behind different kinds of earthen flowers... :: turning to Alex :: You explained that these were sort of a tradition, :: she held up the flower :: but I wasn't sure if there was something more behind the flower...
Williams: :: Alex spotted the rose he brought Sun and knew what is was used for. And then he realized that all he had to do was say that. It would make his intentions clear, even though those weren’t his intentions when the night started. :: It’s a rose, ancient symbol of love and beauty…

::Dial stepped back. Careful not to make it look like she fled from the situation, she took a step and waited for a few seconds. Thereby she unvoluntarily overheard the rest of the conversation between Faranster and Williams.::
Faranster: Well, I think humans have some interesting traditions associated with flower and plants. Like toemistle, I believe it's good luck to stand beneath it... which is why I found it fascinating that the spot under this particular twig was surprisingly empty when I approached. :: Alex followed Sun’s hand with the twig and for a moment he wasn’t sure if she was dead serious or actually telling him to make a move. When she spoke it became very clear to him:: Am I right, do I have good luck?
::Alex didn’t speak. He leaned forward. While his arms sort of opened up he gently pushed Sun towards him a little and kissed her. The moment lasted a few secondsAs he pulled back his head he kept his arms around her and looked her in the eye.::
Williams: I hope that answers that question…

Faranster: Oh... yes.  Um.... I'll just wait at our table to continue our date, Alex.

Williams: Thanks…

::Now a few metres away, Dial had nowhere to look but at the two and was still kind of part of the conversation.::

Williams: I don't know what to say... This wasn't planned at all. I asked her out for an evening as friends, and I never expected it to kindle some old flames, last of all I expected them to be mutual.


Dial: Oh, don't worry. I tried to find personal, emotional gifts for everyone. oO Except that I didn't hand over each and every one of them.Oo I think, Sun is waiting.

::Unable to bear one more line by Alex, Dial spinned on her heel and headed for the exit. Her breath frequency increased and her eyes blinked, slowly at first, then faster and faster, and more and more she shook her head. When she had left the room, she didn't need to hide her emotional breakdown any further. She headed for the closest unmanned workshpace she could find and spent the rest of the evening pitying herself.::

::It was this very state she spent her time until the arrival Starbase 11 where she asked for a leave due to her psychological situation. She had seen Danzia one last time before being transferred to the station's psychiatry. She felt that a more intensive way of taking care of her might help her more than the weekly sessions she had had on the Constitution.::

((End of Flashback))

::In some 40 minutes, Dial had satisfied her body's need for water and heat by standing in the aquatic shower, enjoying the boiling water rush down her chubby body. She hated sleeping in a bed but the psychiatry's regulations were very strict about the design of the quarters. There were so many unknown scenarios of what might happen if they allowed Dial to have the cylindric water tank, she was used to. Dr. Krystof Szot had even pointed out that the personnel wouldn't know how exactly to use restraints on someone sleeping in a 'fish tank'. Dial had felt very uncomfortable in that debate and had only agreed since she badly needed treatment. Also, her agreement wouldn't inhibit her from sending an official complaint to Starfleet Medical.::

 ::Reflecting on the three days of therapy, Dial thought her decision had been the right one. She had spent some of the time with other people in group sessions, tried individual therapies and been part of holodeck approaches. From her first day onwards, she had been part of the daily life inside the ward. Dial had talked in the individual talks a lot about her family problems and concentrated in the group therapy sessions on her problem with Williams and her frustration with her limitation of getting into contact with people.::

::Yesterday, though, Dr. Szot had asked her about why she was talking about different topics in the different therapies and that she should see him today about this. Dial was not afraid of the discussion itself but of the situation. Confronting a doctor who's currently oneself did need some courage. It was time to head for that conversation.::


Ens. Dial

USS Constitution-B
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