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Cpt Jalana Rajel - Fear the Reaper


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:: Hell had gotten loose on the Conny and the Bridge had heard about it last, which was a new one for Jalana. She now had to sort through events, make a plan and had asked Engineering to give them a diagram of the ship on the main screen, Dag had tinted in the areas without power, Caesar had added the areas affected of fires and gas leaks. That diagram lit up like a christmas tree. Jalana really hoped that these were the only areas, but that was hope, not knowledge. :: 

Rajel: Okay. We need to form a couple of teams. We know that the lifts can't reach these decks, so let's get as close as we can, and use the Jeffrey's tube for access. Since the ship own systems can't take care of the fires, we need manual extinguishers. Every team also needs flashlights and phaser on stun. It might be possible that these voices are intruders, though I hope they aren't. For communications we need walkie talkies, because Comm badges do not work. I'll keep one on the bridge to be sure there is a way for contact.

Soriano: Are we the only one’s that will be doing the rescuing? Look how small our group is.

Thea: Well, the other option is to stand here with our thumbs up our noses.  I know which option I'd rather take. 

Rajel: I am sure that medical is sending people out. It might be worth to latch onto them, to have bundled efficiently. I'd like to have three or four teams to try and put out fires and get people out. Dag, I know you have all your hands full with trying to get things fixed. ::She looked to the guys on the bridge and smiled.:: Thea, Akoni, Caesar, care to have a walk in the dark?

Soriano: I’m already on a ship out in the middle of the vastness of space so, ::she shrugged her shoulders:: Why not. Let’s do this!

Thea: That's the spirit, Skippy.  Let's do this. 

Hol: Yeah! Let's do this! 

:: When Caesar suddenly covered his ears, Jalana instinctively took a step forward to check on him, but the Counselor seemed to be already on it. :: 

Thea:  What are you doing? 

Rajel: Are you alright, Caesar? ::She forced herself to stay back to not step on someone else's toes. :: 

Soriano: ?

Hol: Seriously... You can't hear that.

Rajel: Hear what? 

Soriano: ?

Thea: No, that's exactly how they acted before they started running off and yelling.

Hol: I've heard it before. Back in my marine days. Ah. Me and my men were attacked by something, we called it the Presence. It drove my men insane.

Thea: Wait, whoah... you have heard this before? When?  Where?!

:: Jalana wondered if that thing could have been following him, but that would not make much sense. If there had been on board the whole time it would have shown any signs of presence before now. Maybe there was a 'Presence' on the Unity? Or something on the Unity tiggered this? :: 

Soriano/Hol: ?

Thea: It could be a lead - but we need sane crew to investigate those leads. 

Soriano/Hol: ?

Rajel: Agreed. So let's get your team ready so you can start getting that crew out of the dark areas. We should have the right tools in the suppy cupboard. 

::She gestured in its direction and Thea headed right over to get whatever would be useful for them out of it. :: 

Thea: Two fire suppressants. Four handlamps, one medical kit, and four phasers. Anything I'm forgetting?

:: Jalana wondered why she grabbed four phasers and it appeared that the Counselor assumed that Jalana would go with them. She smiled to herself. How much would she have liked to go with them. 

Rajel: No sounds good. Keep the fourth as a backup for whoever you find. I will have to remain here. As said you are not alone out there, we have a big ship with many people and I'll call out to form more teams. 

:: Ezirah walked up to them and handed each of them a walkie-talkie, apparently he had gotten those while the four had talked. :: 

Rajel: Thank you. Keep those with you and use them for contact while you are on the dark decks, communicators won't work down there. ::With that she turned hers on.:: 

Soriano/Hol: ?

Thea: I ain't afraid of no ghosts...  ::She proclaimed, grabbing her equipment and heading for the door.

Hol: Who's gonna stay on the bridge? We can't leave the ship unmanned!

:: Jalana almost laughed, but suppressed it.:: 

Rajel: Look around. We have 5 people here, apart from us four, also over 900 more crew members, two of them will come up as soon as you leave to take over your consoles. I would hardly calle that unmanned, Caesar. Don't you worry. We'll be fine. Dismissed.

Thea/Soriano/Hol: ?

:: She watched the team leave and placed the walkie talkie on the seat next to her own, where the Counselor or Medical Officer or whoever would help out without a console on the bridge would be seated. She raised a hand to brush over her forehead, a few fiery locks got tangled between her fingers. :: 

Ezirah: Sir, you should see that. 

:: She looked up to him and he gestured to the screen where she looked at one of the camera images. The person next to the camera wearer raised their arm and shot at Kalos. Well not directly at him, but only a little above at the wall behind him. She blinked. :: 

Rajel: Which camera is that?

Ezirah: Doctor Milsap. 

:: Jalana's heart beat a little faster. :: 

Rajel: Who is the shooter?

:: Apparently Jerry looked at the teammate. From what Jalana could see he was no Senior Officer, which was difficult with the helmet. So it had to be the security detail. :: 

Ezirah: Senior Chief Petty Officer Riyao, Security. Commander Fiorr does not appear to be hurt.

:: Jalana nodded slightly, relieved to hear that. A cold shiver ran over her back, as if someone had dragged down the thermostat on the bridge. For a brief moment she closed her eyes and exhaled. As she opened them again she stared into the blackness of a non visible face under a black hooded figure staring her right into the face. She yelped and fell backwards onto her chair, seeing that it was not just a black hood but a robe, floor long and tattered. :: 

Voice: They will be mine. 

:: The throaty voice rattled like a bunch of marbles in a metal can. Jalana had frozen up on her seat, unable to move and the cold seeped through every cell of her body, making it hard to breath. She did not have to be terran to recognize the Grim Reaper. She tried to speak but all strength had been soaked out of her body at the sight of the one thing she feared more than anything else. :: 

Ezirah: Ma'am? Ma'am are you alright? 

:: The El Aurian's voice came through, slowly like through many layers of cotton. She felt a touch and jumped in her seat with a scream. But it caused the image in front of her to change, from the black hooded faceless taker of lives to the worried expression on the quiet Intel Officer, whose curls dropped in front of his shoulders, framing the bronze face. :: 

Ezirah: Are you alright, Ma'am?

:: Jalana looked around, officers from all stations either looked over to her in confusion, or tried very hard to look away. The viewscreen still showed the Unity, the camera image and the ship's diagram. Everything was normal, he was not here any more. :: 

Rajel: Yea... yeah I'm fine. It's nothing. 

Ezirah: Are you sure, Ma'am? 

::She clearly saw that he doubted that. She lowered her voice so only he could hear it. :: 

Rajel: Did you see someone in front of me? Tall, black robes... 

Ezirah: No. Should I call for a Counselor or Medic to check on you? 

Rajel: They are busy with the trapped crew. But you could give me a medkit from the other panel. 

:: The Intel officer didn't wait a beat, before he headed right there and came back with the medkit just a moment later and went back to his console, though she felt that he kept checking on her. As she opened it, she saw the vials of drugs, that could easily help her to calm down. Her fingers slightly shook as she forced herself not to use either. It was so tempting, so easy. Just like back then, suppress, calm down, don't think. No she had to keep a clear head. She hoped that he hadn't noticed her hesitation and quickly grabbed the Tricorder to check on herself. :: 

:: She leaned back and exhaled, her eyes fixed on the tricorder. Raised blood pressure, pulse is too high... ::She furrowed her brow.:: Increased brain activity. Thea had talked about people hearing voices, being spooked, hearing things. Caesar had heard something none of them had. Kalos had spoken of a voice in his head earlier. She had seen and heard the Grim Reaper... :: 

.oO What is going on here? Oo. 



Captain Jalana Rajel
Commanding Officer
USS Constitution B
Image Team Facilitator

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Great! It's fun to see the Reapers coming back (given that they're the same Reapers Dickens fought in the past)

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