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Ensign Chelin Ch'Gabor - Not just yet


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((Unknown, Unknown))

::He woke up with a jolt. He expected the bright light of the sickbay, surrounded by worried doctor and nurses, and the smell of the gas. But he didn't. He looked around, he was in a dream, it seemed. The white background started to materialise. It turned into a ship's bridge. He slowly took a step towards one of the consoles. The crew there couldn't see him, apparently. The Human Captain sat on his chair, facing the viewscreen intently. Chelin peered down at the console. He was on the Kyushu. The ship his dad had died on.::

::There wasn't an Andorian on the bridge. Chelin started to breath heavily and fast walked to the screen. The Borg. Chelin realised, he was at the Battle of Wolf 359. The turbolift behind him opened up, and an Andorian figure stepped out. His hair was straight, eyes were gleaming. It looked as if he got into some trouble before he came here.::

Dad: Hello, Chelin.

::His head spun around, the Andorian knew his name and knew he was there!::

Chelin: H-hello..who are you?

::The Andorian walked over and placed both of his hands on Chelin's.::

Dad: I am your father, Chelin.

::A shot of anxiety and panic riddled Chelin's body. It can't be. He died 25 years ago. Died the same day Chelin was born. This was impossible.::

Chelin: No...it can't be! You died 25 years ago! ::Pain captured his voice, he felt betrayed.::

Dad: I am aware of that...::he let go of his shoulders::

Chelin: Why..only now?

::The question paralysed his father, stopping in his tracks in front of the Captain. He took a moment to take in the question.::

Dad: This was the right time. I hope you know that you are about to die.

::Chelin fell backwards. D-die..? Of falling down a deck and breathing in unknown fumes? Before another word came out, his father spoke first.::

Dad: You joined Starfleet.

Chelin: ::Shaking the death thought out:: Yes, I did.

::A blast shook the ship, throwing officers to the floor. Chelin and his father were unfazed. The battle had just begun.::

Dad: Three different divisions in one family. I was in Engineering. Your brother in Command. You in Science.

::Was that necessary?::

Chelin: I am...aware of that.

Dad: ::He nodded his head:: Good.
::One more blast shook the bridge, exploding some consoles. It was not real. Nothing in this dream was real. But it felt real.::

Chelin: Where will you be, right now?

::The question was left hanging as the bridge combusted into flames. Consoles were breaking apart, officers were flung out of their seats, the vacuum of space exposed itself. The Captain tried to pilot the ship himself, surviving the blast. It did not last long, until a ray of light enveloped the bridge.::

::The setting was white again, this time around he was alone.::

Chelin: Anyone there?! ::echo::

::He squat down to feel the floor. Nothing. Plain, simple floor. Immediately the background materialised. He faced a stage, an Admiral held about 10 pieces of papers. In front of the stage, the banner read 'Battle of Wolf 359 Memoriam".::

::The birds were chirping, the San Fransisco Bay water soothly crashing against the wall. The Golden Gate Bridge stands like a mighty king. The memoriam appeared to be attended by hundreds and hundreds of grieving civilians. Seats extended all the way to the back. That's when he spotted Andorians among them. Surely, there were other Andorians grieving for their lost ones. But Chelin was sure it was his mother, holding himself, alongside his elder brother.::

::The Admiral was reading names, of the lost ones to the Borg cube, destroyed by the Enterprise above orbit of Earth. Each name mentioned, sounds of crying and weeping here heard.::

Admiral: Charon Ch'Gabor, Engineering Officer, USS Kyushu.

::A mildly loud cry could be heard, his mother. Chelin himself felt like breaking down. It was like losing another parent, in spite of losing already one. He tried to conceal the tears, failing miserably at it.::

Dad: How do you feel, Chelin?

::He appeared right next to him, as the Admiral read more names.::

Chelin: ::Chocking on his tears:: Dreadful. Sad. Emotionally-scarred.

Dad: That was how your mother felt, after losing me. You take from her.

::Soon, the San Fransisco view disappeared and the white background surfaced again. Still crying, Chelin started getting agitated. What was the purpose?!::

Chelin: ::Wanting to shout, but chocking:: What does this mean?!?

::There wasn't any answer. He sat on the empty floor, unsure of his next move.::

Dad: Nobody wants you to die, Chelin.

::Once again, he reappeared.::

Dad: Your mother can't take another loss. Your brother does not have the guts to take care of her, if  she gets emotionally scarred again. She will go crazy. Goodbye, son.

::Nothing else. He didn't felt like he was dying. But whatever the fall gave him, it must have hurt himself a lot.::

oO I'm not ready to die, just yet. Oo


Ens. Chelin Ch'Gabor
Science Officer
USS Constitution-B

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