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Round 7 PNPC Captain Shelther Faranster - Lost Context


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(( Captain's Ready Room, Deck 8, Deep Space 285 ))
:: Shel had routinely received status reports on the repairs for the Doyle, as well as the security upgrade on the ship. The latest incident, a murder that he had Selene and her crew try to investigate before things went horribly wrong on their ship, was as solved as it could be. At least for now. He might have an independent investigator go over the data and see if they come up with the same conclusion, but right now he still needed to work on cleaning up the corruption within his station. ::
:: He had a pile of paperwork that kept getting forwarded to him by his First Officer, huge piles of it. Looking through it, some of it seemed like paperwork for the sake of paperwork. Why people needed to fill out these forms in a multitude of languages, was beyond him. Last count, there was seven languages included to sign off on. There were rumors that he was going to add Orion to the mix next, but Shel wasn't entirely sure how useful that would be. Especially when there were more Trill on the station than Orions, and Trill wasn't represented. Although arguing that point, was not something Shel wanted to do, or the man would add both and the forms would then be in nine languages. ::
(( Outside First Officer's Ready Room, Deck 8, Deep Space 285 ))
:: As these forms were getting ridiculous, and Shel suspected it was only to pile paperwork on people, he decided to take it up with his First Officer. He stood, stretched and walked across his ready room, before ending up in the outer office, where their assistant sat. ::
Faranster: Ctari, Is James in his ready room?
:: The older woman looked up from her console, where she was likely putting together Shel's schedule for the day, before she addressed him. ::
Ctari: Yes sir, but Lieutenant Commander Hakashri is in there with him. She brought a meal for him. :: She got quieter and leaned towards the Captain as if to whisper something. :: They might be in an indecent position if you just walk in... I can find out if he is available, sir...
:: While Shel thought that it was highly unlikely that the Vulcan would be doing anything non-work related, well... ever, it seemed even less likely that he would be doing it on the clock. Part of him wanted to burst in and prove their assistant wrong, but if she was in fact right, as she usually was, then he didn't want to even picture it, let alone see them in the act. Things already seemed strained between their friendship. ::
Faranster: Why don't you do that for me, Ctari?
:: Shel waited while she opened the commlink to the ready room, and the FO's voice came through. ::
James: =/\= Captain and inform him that I will be putting a recommendation in for his Commendation to you. Of course, if you would care to inform him of this development at the same time that would certainly be more efficient… =/\=
:: Since it didn't sound quite what he expected, and there was sort of a polite sense of anxiety in his voice, he leaned over the desk and hit the mute button. ::
Faranster: Let's listen a moment... Maybe this little rendezvous of theirs is getting more serious. :: He said with a wink to the assistant. :: After all, there is paperwork that needs to be filled out. :: He held up his PADD. :: If there is.
Hakashri: =/\= Oh, I couldn't Commander. You should have the right to tell the Captain. He'd appreciate the news more from you. =/\=
James: =/\= For minor news like this? I’m sure he would not be that interested in hearing what is most likely a beacon failure from his First Officer? No, it would be far more efficient to hear it from his CEO after all he’ll likely want to identify the malfunctioning beacon and have it repaired post-haste. =/\=
.oO Is that what they are calling it now? Oo. :: It was of his opinion that this conversation is something better to run by medical where they could actually do something about the problem. And why Shel would want to know about the problem from either of them didn't make sense to him at all. ::
Hakashri: =/\= While I would agree with that, the chances of the beacon selectively malfunctioning for just the Sheffield and not the next twenty ships is so low that the chance that you’ll spontaneously become a tribble is about as likely. I’m also the acting assistant chief engineer right now, remember? =/\=
:: While the thought of James turning into a tribble was humorous, it didn't distract from the fact that they just mentioned Selene's ship and he was now concerned what they meant. Did his sister's ship disappear? Was it not where it was supposed to be? His parents were still mad at him for losing Sundassa when the Constitution went back in time and disappeared for two months. ::
James: =/\= Well… Either way you should accompany me? That way we can commend you and you can provide an Engineering input at the same time. =/\=
Hakashri: =/\= I actually typed up a complete Engineering input on the PADD – as well as the current status of all ships docked we can sortie. Granted, it was for the status report of the station, but it does say what we can sort out. You really wouldn’t need my input. =/\=
:: At this point, Shel pressed the disconnect button on the commline, and glanced at his assistant. ::
Faranster: Push back my meetings. :: He paused for a moment. :: And Ctari, make sure that no one enters that room until I leave.
Ctari: Yes sir.
(( First Officer's Ready Room, Deck 8, Deep Space 285 ))
:: Shel walked up to the door and it opened, letting him in the room. As he stepped in, he caught the end of what Ceciri was saying. ::
Hakashri:... Look, we’ve been arguing for 4 minutes 22 seconds. Let’s just tell him together if you *really* don’t want to tell him directly.
Faranster: I'll make it easy for you, here I am. What do you have to tell me?
:: He crossed the room and stood towering over the woman, but even though he was shorter than the Vulcan, at this point he was sure his presence made the officer seem small. ::
James: ?
Hakashri: ?
Faranster: So... you are more afraid of telling me that my sister and her crew are missing, than say... what Selene will do when she finds out that instead of taking action, you were arguing about who was going to tell me?
James: ?
Hakashri: ?
Faranster: Get a scout ship out there to their last known coordinates, whatever is ready and fast. :: He watched the two for a moment. :: NOW!
James: ?
Hakashri: ?

Tag & TBC
PNPC Captain Shelther Faranster
Simmed by
Captain Selene Faranfey
Commanding Officer
USS Doyle-A, NCC-80221-A

Deputy Commandant, Starbase 118 Academy
Executive Council - Captain At Large
Writer ID: A239001SF0
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