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USS Darwin-A conducts historic efforts in Federation-Talaxian relations

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POUIYEOG REGION — Work continues apace to construct a groundbreaking outpost in the Delta Quadrant.

The arrival of the USS Endeavour from the Alpha Quadrant heralded the end of the temporary exile on the pre-warp societal world of Turisan II for the crew of the USS Darwin NCC-99312-A. With the repair of the damaged environmental controls, computer cores, and quantum slipstream drive, the Darwin was free to continue its exploration efforts on the fringes of the Delta Quadrant.

En route back to the Dyson Sphere that heralded their return to the Pouiyeog region, Capt Renos took the opportunity to dole out some much deserved awards. Lt Lyldra was promoted to Lieutenant Commander, and LtJG Graeme Cook was promoted to full Lieutenant. Due to the unique opportunities presented by their immersion in Turisan culture, various crew were awarded with the Explorer’s, Purple Heart, and Captain’s Commendation ribbons.

Once arriving back at the Dyson Sphere, the nature of the Darwin’s mission is revealed: Starfleet has tasked them with establishing a Federation presence in the Pouiyeog region. This is to be accomplished by entering a joint endeavor with the Talaxians in the region to develop a trading outpost on the exterior of the Sphere. Joint efforts between the Starfleet Corps of Engineers and Talaxian design and engineering experts will see Outpost Unity built within a 6 month period, with the Darwin crew providing consultation and negotiation contributions towards its completion. As succinctly put by Lyldra, speaking on behalf of the Federation Diplomatic Corps, “That is an historic day and event for our two peoples. Unity base and its joint administration by the Federation and Talaxians of Talax II could be the first steps in a long relationship of cooperation.”

In the months during the outpost’s construction, and as the USS Endeavour ferries necessary supplies and new officers from Federation space, several missions are undertaken. Negotiation talks between the Federation, helmed by Renos, Lyldra, and Counselor Didrik Stennes, are conducted to iron out concerns by the Talaxians about their design, construction, and administrative contributions. Negotiator Brixon of Talax II is of a minority who sees the Federation presence as unwarranted and unwanted, and tries to sabotage the fledgling relationship. Explorations of the destroyed site of a previous Talaxian base on the Sphere are conducted, and a mapping mission of the area around Outpost Unity’s construction site discovers a dangerous unknown exterior feature.

With construction of the base nearing completion, the Darwin crew are once again tasked in consulting roles, with teams of officers resolving power generation issues, outpost offensive and defensive installations, and contributions to interior layouts and amenities. The negotiations with the Talaxians are completed, though not without discord and compromise, and final preparations continue apace towards the inauguration of Outpost Unity.

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