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Mystery deepens on Deep Space 285

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DEEP SPACE 285 — The crew of the USS Doyle-A discovered there was more to the murder of Vladimir VonHusan than originally anticipated.

The autopsy of the body was conducted by Lieutenant Alexander Bishop, and it was discovered the man had not only been stabbed but had also been poisoned with altoquinine.

“Whoever this man was, he was definitely not liked,” said Britta O’Leah, a DS285 nurse. “There was even signs that he might have been shot, but Doctor Bishop was unable to find any.”

Though the majority of the senior staff was focused on trying to solve the mystery of the murder victim, the main lab of the USS Doyle-A began to experience technical difficulties with a replicator that began making ooze that released a deadly odor. Initially believed to be a mishmash of chemicals from a malfunctioning computer, it was Lt. Cmdr. Tsuki Kazeyama who realized that it was really a Klingon biotoxin called khrovcet.

“An unforeseen accident was contained for everybody’s safety. At the moment, Starfleet Security is investigating the matter and I cannot comment any further,” said Lt. Cmdr. Kazeyama in a statement to DS285’s FNS branch.

The report stated that the automatic containment procedure was implemented, and Ensign Saavei had also planned a method to combat the biotoxin in case containment failed.

Though the crew were able to look into both incidents in detail, they were unable to complete their investigation because of a new assignment from the commander of the starbase and the request of Starfleet Security to take over both incidents.

With the USS Doyle-A down for a much needed systems upgrade, Captain Selene Faranfey’s senior staff was assigned to the USS Sheffield to conduct a feasibility study on a possible dilithium-rich world in the Avalon sector.

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