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Roshanara Rahman promoted to Commander

StarBase 118 Staff

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The Captains Council of UFOP: StarBase 118 is pleased to announce the promotion of Lieutenant Commander Roshanara Rahman to the rank of commander!

Commander Rahman – who most know just as “Rich” – is currently the First Officer of the USS Invicta. Rich has been a member since May of 2010 and has served on the Independence-A, Tiger-A, Drake, Mercury, Garuda, and Invicta playing a large cast of characters in a diverse set of roles that include Engineering, Security, HCO, Nurse, and Medical officer before becoming First Officer.

OOC, Rich has been highly decorated with the Neelix Award, B-Plot Award, Scotty Cross, Pathfinder Award, TOSMA, Sarpeidon Award, Prantares Ribbon, and Strange Medallion. He is perhaps most well known for his work as Wiki Admin Extraordinaire, having brought an incredible, fresh flair to our wiki with beautiful graphics and smart reorganization that has made the wiki easier and more fun to use. But he is also an experienced facilitator, having led the Veterans Affairs Team, Featured Bio Contest, Federation News Service (FNS) Team, and participated in many others. Most recently, he led the launch of the FNS onto its own “spinoff” site: FNS.news.

We’re really looking forward to what comes next for Rich. Please join us on the forums to congratulate him on the hard work that helped him earn this rank!

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