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Dear Dr. Rasaf: Parents want me to stay on Betazoid

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Dr. Rasaf answers a question from a reader torn between two worlds.


Dear Dr. Rasaf,

Growing up on Betazed, I was expected to not only be comfortable with my emotions, but also be comfortable with everyone else around me knowing what I was feeling and thinking. The trouble is, I’m not. I’ve never been as comfortable with the openness of my peers. Honestly, sometimes I think I was born on the wrong planet.

I’ll start my university studies later this year, and I want to go to Vulcan to study mathematics. I love everything about their culture, and I just feel I’ll fit better there. I thought because I’ve gained admission to a prestigious university there, my parents would be proud, but they’re not happy and taking it personally. They think I’m trying to get away from them. Even worse, my mother is on the board at the University of Betazed and has apparently had the next four years of my life already planned out there. All of her friends and my extended family are expecting me to go.

I love them, but how do I let them understand why I want to go to Vulcan without devastating them?

-Breaking Hearts on Betazed

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Dr. Rasaf is written by Mandy, the writer for Counselor Raissa Moonsong of the USS Invicta.

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