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[UFOP-Academy2] 10-15-02 -> 10-24-02

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Hi Du Mek - how're you going? I haven't started aboard the Titan yet. It is badly damaged and has been swept 123 years into the future on a Soliton wave! I am to be introduced by the Captain as an MO who was "already there" since joining at their last stop-off and will be appointed CMO to replace the recently-deceased Doctor.

How's everyone else doing? :)

Best wishes,


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Hey Y'all!

Well I got posted to black tower, its not too bad, not really had much action yet, still sitting in the briefing room waiting for our assignments. but hopefully should get going soon.

To the point of who ever makes it to captain first, the one that does has to bring the saurian Brandy! :lol:

Fry Andersen

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Hey y'all! Happy New Year!! Let's keep this going: I want as many of the Magnificent Seven as possible to check in and give an update of how they are and what they are doing!! Freya and Li'k, you can start the ball rolling :)

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Happy new year all you M7's out there.

Well I'm still an Ensign on the best ship in the fleet...USS Nemesis b...still keep in contact with Freya....(She probably hopes I didnt...lol...dont mention the pink thong)....One of us just made 1st Lt in black ops....Ohh I wonder who that could be...lol

Ohh question....do Cardies and Trill's mix....lol....ohh I wonder...lol

see ya....and keep in touch Nystro man.

My Yahoo messenger id is Becerice......maybe we could talk on there.

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::phaser armed and ready, pointing it around the room::

who mentioned: Pink ops and black thongs...or should that be black ops and pink thongs...

oh yeah has anyone seen where those pair of very sexy rubber trousers went?


i'm good...i hope you all are too.

Yes I got promoted! so i'm closer to being captain. :bananarama:

i'm still with Black ops SSHHHH!

keep in touch all of you...especially those that we haven't heard from...you guys know who you are! :twisted:

Take care



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