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Round 7 Praxo - First class flight instructor


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((Space, just outside the Darwin))

::Praxo was flying Talaxian shuttles again, finally! After a month in the clean, advanced but somehow character-less Federation shuttles, he was very glad when he finally returned to Talax II and his own, custom built craft. However, today he was en route with a Dalex type Talaxian shuttle.::

::He had left the Darwin after his assignment with mixed feelings. As much as he looked forward to piloting „real“ shuttles again, he most certainly missed the comfort of a Federation ship and the ever-changing routine of exploring the sphere. There of course weren’t many exciting incidents as they had on the very first trip and the further research on the blue space goo turned out unsatisfying, but it was an easy, comfortable life, and easy and comfortable was always good.::

::When home, the first thing he did was taking his shuttle to his favorite low altitude race track and soon agreed that it probably had been a bit too much comfortableness during the last month. However, he indeed missed replicators and also, most surprisingly, also his fellow pilot Shayne. It was clear, as soon as there would be a possibility to move to the newly built outpost, he would take it.::

::No question, when the Talaxian government contacted him again to participate in a completely new project with Starfleet, he not even bothered to play undecided to rise the rewards. He was supposed to teach Starfleet pilots the quirks of Talaxian shuttles, a task most certainly fitting for a pilot of his calibre.::

::Soon after, he was on his way back to the Darwin. Unfortunately not in his own craft. As much as he would have loved to show it off, even he agreed that it was contra productive to learn the art of piloting Talaxian crafts on a one-of-a-kind ship. So he decided to bring the Dalex type instead, a master piece of Talaxian engineering that was as well not to be scoffed at. It was the highest performing ship out of serial production in the size of a shuttle. Of course warp capable, but not suited for long distance trips.::

::When the already very familiar shape of the Darwin appeared on his view screen, Praxo hailed them.::

Praxo: =/\= USS Darwin, this is Talaxian Shuttle DX257, are you receiving me? =/\=

Traenor: =/\= ::chuckling::  Loud and clear.  Welcome back! =/\=

Praxo: =/\= This is Talaxian delegate Praxo, request permission to dock.

Traenor: =/\= Permission granted, Talaxian delegate Praxo.  ::smirk::  =/\=

Praxo: Thank you very much.

::Praxo had no idea if he really counted as a delegate, but whatever. He assumed that anyone in charge would know him anyway. It was almost too easy to pilot a shuttle into the Darwin’s shuttlebay, even if you would come off the required trajectory, there were tractor beams to quickly bull you back on track. He made sure that that would not be necessary, as the two pilots he would soon teach about flying were already waiting there for him, surely judging his entry performance.::

((Shuttlebay, Deck eight, USS Darwin-A))

::After a landing as on point as it gets, Praxo proudly exited the craft through the hatch at it’s rear. Waiting for him were two Starfleet officers, one of them he knew already.::

Praxo: Shayne! What a pleasant surprise!

Shayne: Good to see you, Mr. Praxo. Nice of you to bring your ride here.

Praxo: I’m glad you will be the first to lay hand on good Talaxian technology. And who we have here? I’m Praxo, first class flight instructor and record holder on not less than fourteen race tracks in this sector alone.

::He of course made this titles up as he talked, but they were somewhat truthfully. At the end, who cared that he made up most of these tracks himself for his personal use and that he never was outside of this sector?::

Manius: Lieutenant Manius, medical doctor and pilot. 

Praxo: I heard you are here to learn about the art of flying Talaxian shuttle, so should we start right away?

Shayne: I don't see why not. I'm rearing to go.

Manius: Then let’s proceed. 

Praxo: Good, I like your eagerness. I will consider that during your final exam. ::A bit less confident:: Will there be an exam?

Shayne: Absolutely not!

Praxo: Alright, no exam then.

::The Talaxian took his walking stick, one that he bought solely for an occasion like this one and certainly won’t need, and tucked it under his right arm while starting to walk a few steps back and forth. He thought he must look incredibly cool and super important.:

Praxo: You’re standing in front of the finest piece of Talaixan engineering. The Dalex type is the newest creation of our skillful technicians. Warp 4, high performance impulse drive, redundant computer core, absolutely no automated flight control aids, what more could you possibly ask for?

::Dramatic pause::

Praxo: The Dalex type has a two seated [...]pit and in the back either a considerable amount of cargo space or two more or less comfortable passenger seats. It comes with a strong double-emitter defensive deflector system and two state of the art laser cannons. Do you have any questions so far?

::He was very proud of the delivery of his speech. oO I should definitely consider becoming an entertainer Oo ::

Shayne: How does she handle?

Praxo: I hear that some Federation pilots like to refer to their ships as women. That’s cute. But with the Dalex type, it is not only true, it is worse. This one is a diva. Forget your Federation craft flying skills and prepare for the „press a button, wait a few moments and see if it does what you want“-kind of flying. I’m kidding. The computer is sometimes a bit slow, but it will always EXACTLY do what your inputs are, it’s only doubtful that this will be what you want it to do. But enough of talking, let’s take a look inside, shall we?

::Praxo pointed with an inviting gestures to the still open hatch.::

Shayne: ::To Manius.:: Shall we?


simmed by

Ensign Isabel Pond
Medical Officer
USS Darwin-A

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