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If you look at the visual text editor and the row of buttons at the top, there is one between the paperclip and the  <> that looks roughly like " and when you hover over it, it sys quote. You can press that

to get a blank box that looks like this:



Click on the white bit and type your quote. An example of a finished quote might look like:


zh'Aella: I… I may have misjudged the situation.


Hope this helps

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Hello, hello!

If I understand you question correctly, I believe the answer is as follows; in the toolbar above the text, you will see blocks of different functions, including Bold, Underline, and Insert Link. To the direct right of the Insert Link button is a function whose icon is a closed quotation mark. If you click this, a small, confined line will appear in your text box, much liked what you might see when trying to write in a PowerPoint. Now, if you copy and paste the quotation into this box, and then post it, along with anything you want to say about the quote in the regular text section below it, the quote will appear, well, quoted! 

Now it should be said that, because you're quoting from an outside source, the quote won't immediately include the person from whom the quote is from, nor the date, so if you're wanting to attribute the quote to someone (which you should :) ) you should include some indication of who wrote it in the regular box. 

I do hope this helped. If it didn't, don't be afraid to ask again- I or someone will be delighted to help.

And can I just say that is one of the best profile pics I've ever seen?! :D Smile and wave, boys. Smile and wave. 

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