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Help us grow our member directory

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Ever wondered who owns a character? Or where a new character came from — only to find out after a lot of searching that it’s someone’s secondary character?

Well, we’re trying to fix some of that confusion while helping to build our definitive member director for everyone’s reference. And we need your help to make sure it’s complete!

First, check out the new Member Directory on the wiki. The first page/tab of the directory is the the Fleet Roster you all know and love. The second page is a new comprehensive listing so far of all the members organized by your Writer ID number.

The table is a sortable table, meaning that you can click on any of the column headings to sort it by that column, so for instance, clicking on the primary character column will sort it alphabetically by first name.

You’ll also note a link next to the ID number; that link should go to your user page. We’d like to encourage more use of wiki user pages, which we feel have been underused because they weren’t easy to find before (unlike our characters’ pages, which we all could find from the Fleet Roster).

This is where we need you!

If you see a red link next to your character’s name, we would appreciate it if you click it and then in the edit box, put the following:


You can see your wiki user name in the upper right-hand corner of the wiki page. For example:

#REDIRECT[[User:FltAdml. Wolf]]

This is because the links are actually linked to your ID number. Typing in your writer ID will then send you to your user page.

“What if I don’t have a user page yet — my user name is red?”

Then we encourage you to make one!

We have a basic template you can use: http://wiki.starbase118.net/wiki/index.php/Template:New_user_page

But just like your character pages, feel free to personalize your user page to fit you. Here are some great examples of user pages across the fleet so far in different styles:

You can copy the code from any page like those above and paste it into your own, and then begin filling in your own information!

Want help?

Pop into the WIKI HELPDESK, or the chat room and ask your question.

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