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Winter Graphic Contest Winners Announcement!


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We have our winners for the Winter Graphic Contest!!!

The theme was "Mission Holiday - Possible" and our contestants have shown us how Star Trek celebrates the holidays even when our missions do not give us much room for it!

The winners of the Winter Graphic Contest are...

Drumroll please!

Antero Flynn Entry - Your holiday will be assimilated and Toni Turner - Laughing all the way

Our Runner ups are:

Toni Lupo and Chythar Skyfire

Congratulations to all four of you and thank you for participating in the contest. As always it was no easy decision! Antero, Toni, Toni and Chythar you can find your badges here.

Thank you also for our judges, relentlessly breaking their heads about their votes: Selene Faranfey, Maxwell Traenor, Raissa Moonson and myself.

Keep your eyes peeled for the announcement of the theme or our spring round very soon!! Stay creative!

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Congrats all! Great job!

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