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JP Lieutenant JG Mirra Ezo & Lieutenant JG Antero Flynn - Spooning

Trellis Vondaryan

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((Starbase 118 - Habitat Section - Deck 818 - Room 224B))

::Mirra was a little disoriented. She was wondering what exactly was….off. She was far too warm, and looking down, her arm didn’t seem to want to respond to her brain’s commands. As the fogginess of sleep slowly receded, realization slammed into her like a cargoload of furless tribbles. oO That is NOT my arm….Oo

Beginning to panic, she mentally retraced her steps from the night before. She knew she had been extremely exhausted, and after finishing up a few patient’s charts, she had left Sickbay to find the person in charge of quarters assignments. Once located, she went directly to her new living space to change, get a light dinner courtesy of the replicator, and a shower before completely passing out...alone. oO No one even knows where my quarters are, well, no one exce-Oo::

Ezo: ::jolting up:: Flynn! What in the name of the Four are you doing here?!

::Mirra was glaring at the disheveled Risian who moments ago, had totally been spooning her. She noticed he was fully clothed oO Thank the Four..Oo in the same garish Hawaiian shirt as the day before, although now inside out, and the collar reflecting three distinctly different shades of lipstick.::

::From some far away part of his brain, he heard Mirra’s voice. Unable to register why, he put real effort into forcing open his eyelids.

Flynn: ::slightly garbled:: Mirra...wha...what are you doing in my quarters…? ::He lifted his head slightly and looked in her direction, his vision still blurry with drowsiness.:: Does Tyler know you’re in my bed….?

Ezo: ::continuing to glare:: No...these are my quarters. MY bed. And WHY are you in them?? How did you even get in here??

::The Risian let out a big yawn and plopped his head back onto the pillow.::

Flynn: That’s fine, help yourself to the replicators. I’m going back to bed.

::Groaning in rudely woken up frustration, Mirra yanked the blanket out from under him angrily, and wrapped it around herself, never losing the constant glare directed at the misplaced Risian.::

::Jostled from his comfortable place plastered to the bed, Antero sat up and looked at his friend with a confused expression.::

Flynn: What gives? ::As the gears slowly started to turn, he tried to understand what was going on.:: Am I late for an appointment or something?

::Letting out an exasperated sigh, the irritation was slowly receding as blatant curiosity took its place. Sitting up, Mirra placed her hands on each side of Flynn’s face, forcing him to look at her. She spoke calmly and evenly to try and sink in through whatever haze the Risian was in.::

Ezo: Flynn...listen to me closely. You are in my quarters, in my bed, where you were NOT when I went to sleep, so, now is when you start to tell me what in the Great Fire happened to you last night.

::He scratched his head with a dumbfounded expression and tried to remember the night before. He found his recollection of the evening more than a little hazy::

Flynn: Well we got off duty, and Bay and I decided to have a drink before we called it…::He smirked in reflection.:: I guess it’s possible we had more than a couple..

::He shifted uncomfortably as he became aware of something hard underneath him and shifted to pick it up. Seeing it was his PADD, he handed it over with a groggy swing of his arm.::

Flynn: I was just going to the assignment listed on here.

Ezo: ::holding up the PADD:: This message is FROM me. I sent it to you last night when I got my assignment. You were supposed to come and pick me up in- ::glancing at the bedside chronometer:: two hours so we could get breakfast and check out the station.

Flynn: Ooohhhh that explains why the door wouldn’t open. ::He spread his arms in a casual stretch and yawned.:: I could totally go for some breakfast though, you should hurry and get ready. ::He grinned and gave her a wink.::

::The glare and irritation had returned full force. Mirra looked up to the ceiling to pray to the Four for strength not to strangle her friend, right here, in her bed, with her bare hands over his nonchalant explanation for what was essentially breaking and entering. That….and non consensual spooning.::

Ezo: You…::shoving him fully out of her bed:: Out! Replicate yourself a new shirt while you’re out there or so help me I will gleefully beat you for breaking and entering.

Flynn: ::Chuckling as he pulled himself to his feet.:: That sounds adorable. ::He shrugged.:: Anyway, it was only entering. ::He paused at a brief memory.:: Er...Unless you count what happened to that potted plant...

Ezo: What did you...never mind. I don’t want to know. Now get out and let me get dressed before you become a swatted Flyboy ::tossing a pillow directly at his face:: might want to check for tattoos while you’re changing. ::smirking::

Flynn: ::His eyes went wide as he caught the pillow..::Oh crap! ::He tore off his shirt and spun in a circle.:: Anything?

Ezo: ::rolling her eyes:: Just the same obnoxious one as before…

::Before he could finish undressing, as was his way with the complete lack of modesty, Mirra climbed out of bed and forcibly shoved him into the living area so she could get dressed in peace. Once alone, she changed from her pajamas into a simple cotton sundress. Doubting Flynn would stop pestering her long enough for a shower, she brushed and pinned up the mass of red away from her face. Stifling a yawn, she rejoined Flynn in the main sitting area. Grimacing in the direction of the potted plant by her door.::

Ezo: Do...you need to apologize to it now or can we just go…?

Flynn: ::grimacing in the direction of the plant. I’ll, Uh...buy you a new one.

::He slid his hands into his pockets and tilted his head in curiosity at the odd texture he found inside. Pulling out the item, his eyes went wide with excitement.::

Flynn: Toast! ::He took a large enthusiastic bite.::

Ezo: ::eyes widening in horror:: Did you just…? ::stepping in front of him she quickly batted the buttered bread out of his hands:: Don’t eat pocket toast!!

Flynn: ::Crestfallen:: My toast…::He looked her in the eye with a frown:: You ruined it.

Ezo: It was already ruined!!! It was buttered toast...from who knows where or when...in your pocket!

Flynn: Well maybe drunk Flynn cares more about me having a nice treat when I wake up.

Ezo: ::staring dumbfound:: Are you trying to convince me “Drunk Flynn” knows best?

Flynn: ::Shifting awkwardly at the question.:: Maybe we should just go to breakfast.

Ezo: ::shaking her head in mild disbelief:: Yeah...good idea.

::Moving towards the door, Mirra stopped and looked at a shriveled, sad looking little plant by the door::

Ezo: You know you’re handling the disposal of that, right?

((Starbase 118 - Main Promenade))

::Causally walking arm in arm, the two friends had finally made it to the main Promenade. With several establishments to choose from, they took their time as they strolled and made casual conversation. Enjoying each others company as they explored their new home.::

Flynn: Dude, my pocket is gross.

Ezo: ::laughing, she squeezed his arm affectionately:: You’re an idiot.

::Antero just smiled, unable to dispute the accusation when a Terran man in civilian clothes approached from the opposite direction. The man seemed to brighten at the site of the pair. A big smile crossing his lips.::

Terran: ::Raising a hand for a high five.:: All Hail the Pineapple King!!

::After connecting firmly, Antero offered a graceful bow and the man continued on his way. Mirra looked between Antero and the man now behind them in confusion.::

Ezo: ::brows furrowed:: What was that all about…?

Flynn: Hmm? ::He looked at Mirra and just shrugged.:: No idea.

Ezo: This happens to you a lot...doesn’t it?

Flynn: ::Smiling:: I like Pineapple King, has a nice ring to it.

Ezo: Whatever you say, ::sarcastically:: My liege.

::Mirra gave an exaggerated curtsy and the two laughed as they made their way into a nearby restaurant, spending the rest of the morning attempting to piece together the events of the night before. Coming up with nothing more than a brief reign over tropical fruit and the dire foe of potted plants everywhere.::


Lt. JG Antero Flynn

Helm/Ops Officer

Starbase 118



Lieutenant JG Mirra Ezo, MD

Medical Officer

Starbase 118 Ops


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