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If You Were Team Writing a New ST Series...

David Cody

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In lieu of 2017's Star Trek tv series (in whatever form it takes), it begs for what our own team of SB118 writers would do.

So, suppose a team of us were writing a new Star Trek series (as television series have a group of writers). Inquiring minds want to know:

When it's set
Who's in the main cast
What ship/station it's set in
Where does it take place
How does it evolve?

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If it was in my hands it would be:

1. Around the time of TNG, perhaps even concurrent with TNG

2. The main cast is a down on his or her luck captain, a grizzled veteran with a crew of misfits who are all toeing the line of getting run out of Starfleet

3. They're in an older ship - I really like the idea of a Miranda class like the Drake, something with a lot of fortitude, but it's definitely a 'write off' for Starfleet

4. They're a not-quite suicide squad. A crew of deeply flawed characters that have equally strong talents in a old ship given missions that they defy the odds to survive and succeed at while working at redemption for whatever happened in their pasts

5. Takes place on the fringes of the galaxy

6. The show evolves as the crew slowly wins respect and redemption, forging into places no one else dares to tread and winning alliances with races that might not deal with a traditional starfleet crew.

It might be a short running series, but man would I love to see it.

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This may be utterly stupid and laughable, but I, for one, would really enjoy seeing a West Wing-style Star Trek series. I recently finished "Articles of the Federation". bu Keith R.A. DiCandido, and I got really inspired.

1: Around the Voyager area and beyond, or earlier. It's not all that important.

2: The President and his/her/ner staff.

3: Probably the Palais De La Concorde, and various spacebound vehicles and instalations.

4: It's the story of the Federation government! Where else would they be?! :)

5: Refer to 3.

6: It would show how an administration deals with tragedies and day to day life in the Star Trek Universe.

Thoughts are gladly welcomed!

I'd love this, but only if it were written by Aaron Sorkin ;)

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If .. someone asked me to, I'd place it immediately post Dominion War.

The Federation is rebuilding after such a devastating war, which had consumed all of it's resources. With a dubious alliance with the Klingon and Romulan Empires needing to be maintained for as long as possible, and with many worlds crying, Starfleet has made the difficult decision to pull back it's exploration fleets while it repairs what it can.

For one ship, the USS Vienna, an Akira class ship, it is a welcome relief. The ship has been patched and refit a thousand times, and it's combat weary crew want a chance to relax, and expect their new assignment - to repair the sphere of Federation space most damaged by the war - to be a relaxing one. However, they discover that several minor powers are plotting to take advantage of this moment of weakness, now that the Dominion is gone. And the dark gathers.

> After the first season and a half, I'd probably transfer it to them being assigned to a new Deep Space 10, which is placed trailing and rimward (SW) from the Federation. With a tenuous peace turned into a more firm peace, they seek to explore the area that is north of what remains of the Cardassian Union, and deal with the remnants of war in this area of space on the side. But the war has left some fault lines, and some of the newer colonies want to secede, with the Romulans turning more and more hostile on their side of the Neutral Zone.

> Deep Space 10 is a backing station, and is mainly referenced, almost never seen.

>The goal is pretty simple. The name of the ship is a deliberate refrence - Vienna, referencing the Congress of Vienna. To maintain the peace requires understanding and hard work. And by placing it so far off, we can ignore Voyager entirely unless someone wants to do a callover to it.

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If I had the chance...

Joining those sharing:

1. Set after Voyager

2. Seven friends who were at the Academy together, not on the same one ship, but scattered across several different areas. One now works in the Federation. Another is an officer on a starship. Another works for Intelligence. A forth washed out and eks out a living among the criminal element. A fifth is now a freighter captain. The sixth has made it to the Admiralty. The last is a starship Captain.

3. Cross platform. It's set at Starfleet HQ, Earth. It's set in the Federation Council. It's set on one Starfleet starship. It's set in Starfleet Intelligence. It's set a watering hole on a fringe starbase. It's set on a freighter ship. It's set on another Starfleet ship.

4. Slow, and foreshadowing, these seven people who were once buddies at the Academy are brought back together by a new enemy that affects everything and every one. Reaching across the whole of the United Federation of Planets, and covering all aspects of Starfleet and the Federation.

5. It first takes place at a backwards, fringe starbase, where one of the seven friends now tends bar. He (or she), overhears a drunken conversation that mentions an old friend, and prompts him/her to reach out and find out if their life is in danger.

6. Over the course of time, they learn there is a new enemy that means to take down Starfleet and the Federation, eventually involving the seven best friends who must work within their fields and yet find a way to work together to discover who and what is targeting everything they believe, and through their current lives, as well as the people they now work with, pool together and stop a galaxy-wide threat that seeks to destroy all that they hold dear, not knowing who to trust.

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Funny thing...this was the very idea behind my original website (whose contents can now be found here). It was born out of the Star Trek RPG by Decipher, and a couple of different incarnations/campaign ideas that I played/GM'd. It started with a campaign focused around a group of Academy cadets and the unconventional adventures they had...which merged into them being characters in my Dark Frontier campaign (which the website focuses on), but they are spread out, much like Cody's idea, and have opportunities to work together, because of their Academy connection (they were Blackstar Squad). The website has a decidedly RPG spin to it, but the idea...I've always approached it as a Star Trek television series. I even have episode titles to last for three seasons!

The concept is this:

Starfleet has developed a wormhole creation device, and use it to send an exploratory fleet to a unexplored section of the Gamma Quadrant. The Romulans mistakenly take it for some sort of weapon, and attack and destroy the device as the fleet enters the wormhole. Needless to say that there is now a handful of Starfleet vessels, and some thousands of people, stranded 40,000 light years from home. Instead of trying to get back right away, they establish a small colony world, refurbish an abandoned alien space station, and spend the next three years getting to know their new neighbours, and making an enemy of their new neighbours' enemy.

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