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Your Favorite Dax


Your Favorite Dax  

21 members have voted

  1. 1. Which Dax was your favorite?

    • Jadzia
    • Ezri
    • Kurzon (in Odo's body)
    • Kurzon (in flashbacks)
    • Other

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Welcome to the Poll of the Week!

"Salt this, buddy!" is a statement that may be found above some member's profiles. It was originally an inside joke referring to the slug inside one of our member's character who happened to be a Trill. It took on a life of it's own at the time here on the forums but now leaves people scratching their heads wondering what it means.

That being said, Trills are a long lived species. Not the part of them that are exposed to the outside world, with their spotted skin, but instead the Trills that live inside their spotted hosts. They can live for many generations moving from one host to the next as each host eventually dies within normal life-spans.

But you all probably know that and there is lots more on Trills here: http://wiki.starbase118.net/wiki/index.php/Trill. So I will stop while I am ahead and move onto this week's Poll of the Week question.

The most famous Trill from the Star Trek television episodes is Dax. Introduced to us first as Jadzia Dax, we soon learned there were several hosts to the Dax symbiant. This week's question is, which was your favorite? So vote away and don't be shy to comment below.

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Jadzia of course! She was smart and beautiful, and had a profound impact on Ayiana. I was miffed that she was unceremoniously killed too. Something about not getting enough story development that season, despite the fact Jadzia got married to a Klingon...

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Curzon for the win! I mean he had the hots for the person who ended up being Dax's next host. Was very into klingon culture and partied with a young ben Sisko!

But no in all seriousness, Jadzia was an impressive character and always one of my favorites. Often comic relief but tough as nails when in command of the Defiant. I too was shocked and put off by hear death.

Also felt it was a bit of a cop-out to make Erzi(I did like her) Dax's next host female. They had a chance to go deeper with past feelings there, and missed it. Though DS9 had only two female leads so it would have been just Kira if Dax's new host had been male.

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Jadzia Dax, for a whole bunch of reasons.

DS9 brought a number an alien races to the forefront, ones that we'd only glimpsed in TNG. The actors involved were responsible for depicting these races, making them believable and 'natural'. And Terry Farrell did just that for the Trill.

I think, for the Trill, it wasn't as easy for the other either. Trill, with their symbiotes, have a totally different concept of gender to us, as Trill can be both male and female many times in their long life. I always thought Terry managed to convey that in a very subtle way. Her Jadzia was smart, sexy and sassy - and definitely not shy about manipulating people to get what she wanted!

I actually thought her death was in keeping with the story. Much like Tasha Yar in TNG it illustrated that there were people and 'things' in the galaxy that would just kill you without a second thought. Yes, it was abrupt and anti-climactic, but that was the point.

Sadly, Youtube hasn't been able to locate one of my favourite Jadzia Dax clips, the one where she tells the Jem'Hadar how old she is...

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Jadzia, of course. I just liked her. She was fun to watch. She was real.

I never really like Ezri. Maybe it had something to do with Jadzia's death. Something like Doctor Who- when the current Doctor dies, virtually every fan instantaneously hates the newcomer, but after spending time with the newcomer, he starts to feel like The Doctor. And when that one dies, the cycle repeats. I feel this cycle was present in DS9 (albeit in an aborted matter) and Ezri never had enough time to truly redeem herself. Another reason I didn't like her is because she is a counselor. Now to be perfectly clear, I do not dislike all counselors-just the ones I've met in RL. Even so, it was so satisfying to see her get slapped down by Garek (which is on YouTube). So satisfying.

To be honest, I don't remember all that much of Tobin, so Jadzia seemed like the logical choice.

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