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LtJG Jansen Orrey--Drinks with Family

Anjar Thoran

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((Holodeck 1 - USS Gorkon))

::Jansen stood silently in the familiar grid covered room. His sanctuary, the center of his piece of mind. He had spent nearly a half hour here just staring at the grid imagining all the shapes, people and places of his life. There had been so many good moments lately. His studies coming to a happy conclusion, his moving back into the position of counselor, the promotion, Lael…yes there was Lael. Jansen couldn’t help but smile thinking about her. He would certainly celebrate his promotion with her. First though he had to celebrate it with his family....::

oO Another day of torment and self torture. Oo

::Jansen knew it wasn't torture. In some odd fashion it was peace for him. It was a life he couldn't see anymore and friends long gone that gave him rest and relaxation. He also knew well and good he wouldn't get out of the blasted room without running the program so with a sigh of only the tiniest resignation he called on the familiar voice of the computer.::

Orrey: Computer run program Orrey sigma omega three.

Computer: Program locked Vocal authorization required.

Orrey: Vocal authorization Orrey theta epsilon.

::Jansen shifted slightly as the Constellation class bridge came into existence around him. Moving around slightly looking at the frozen forms of "uncles and aunts" he had grown up with he nods some moving and sitting down in the center chair of the small bridge.::

oO Home again home again....Oo

Orrey: Computer Advance program to Stardate 237706.20 time index 0700 hours and begin.

::With the time and date shifted the people changed position and shifted to fit their places and then jumped to life. The bridge hummed to life as an Andorian yeoman approached with a PADD. Jansen took it from her and read it over.::

Orrey: Thank you, go ahead with the changes in engineering and allow science to have the array for their scans.

Rabt: Yes sir. ::Rabt nodded slightly before moving to leave the bridge and find the Operations chief to let him know the Captain had signed off on the requests.::

oO Ten minutes left. Then the world will change, the distress signal comes in........now.Oo

Togra: Sir a distress call from the Termex inside the neutral zone.

Orrey: That's Merkal isn't it? What's wrong? oO Of course it was Merkal. It was always Merkal.Oo

Togra: The message says they are having containment problems sir.

Orrey: Very well. Move us up to the neutral zone.

::Jansen thought he portrayed his father very well. He had spent 18 years watching his father captain this ship...Jansen was nearly certain he could run a marathon along the girls old halls with his eyes shut and still hit the right turns. The Caitian moved them to that invisible border and they paused there as a Romulan woman's face filled the screen.::

ORREY: Computer freeze program. ::Everyone stopped dead in their tracks and Jansen took a moment to look closely at the panicked face on the screen in front of him. It wasn’t the woman he grew up knowing. She was scared. Romulan or not, Jansen knew her as well as he knew himself. She was his second mother and he knew she was scared.::

::Frankly Jansen knew what was coming, even though he had survived it once, and relived it countless times on this very program, he was scared too. That wasn’t the way the counselor wanted to feel today. While it was a sobering dose of reality he had a much better way he wanted to accomplish today come into his mind.::

ORREY: Computer, ::The acknowledgement beep.:: Reset to time index to Stardate 237503.24, 1300 hours. Remove user interaction.

::The people on the bridge shifted and changed positions. With his older doppleganger retaking the center chair Jansen turned and closely examined this man, the man he aspired to be more like. That he strived to be like. The man he was slowly looking more like thanks to the white hair giving him a step closer to the salt and pepper of his father before him.::

ORREY: Start program. ::Jansen watched as his father stood and made his way to the ready room her the same Romulan woman from before was waiting with a much younger, and chestnut haired, version of himself waiting with cups of coffee in front of them. He gave his father time to get set down before speaking again.:: Freeze program. Computer Load character file number 001 from program MS-Education Program Alpha Four at my location. ::He sidestepped at the acknowledgement beep and watched his mother appear standing beside his father.::

::Jansen sat down at the table beside his younger self who was prepared to discuss what he would be applying to Starfleet Academy as. So Jansen relaxed here at this happy moment with the program paused and poured himself a cup of coffee as he got ready to tell his family all the good things that were happening for him.::


Lieutenant Junior Grade Jansen Orrey M.D.
USS Gorkon
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