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Lt Commander Anders - In The Dog House

Sal Taybrim

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((Convention Center Starbase 118))

::Baylen was leaning against the bar talking to his dad and drying off his uniform and face with a bar towel when Theo walked over rather quickly with a none to happy look on his face. ::
Anders: Commander Whittaker. :: Baylen was waiting on the bomb.::
Whittaker: "Excuse me Doctor Anders, may I borrow your son?"
Armond Anders: ::Not really to be bothered.:: Yeah Yeah, oh course... ::Waving his hand.
:: Baylen stepped away from the bar as Theo motioned for him to follow him, They walked around the corner to a clear area and then Theo rounded on Baylen not wasting any time. ::
​Whittaker: "That was mortifying Baylen!"​
​Anders: ::Looking very sad, Baylen hated conflict and more so from some one he liked and cared about.:: I had no Idea she was coming, I thought they were still on earth.
Whittaker: "​I had hoped to keep the fact that we are dating quiet for the moment." :: beat :: "As it happened, I had to tell Sal because your mother let that particular cat out of the bag :: "And speaking of, where is she?"
Anders: I sent her a message and said I had gone out on a date, about once a week I send them a little message and update, like I said I had no idea they were not on Earth, if I had known they were coming I would have never said anything. ::Frowning:: And I am not sure I am guessing she is walking around blowing off steam, I think I upset her.
:: Baylen could see that Theo was appraising the stained dress uniform ::
Whittaker: "I take it that she's also responsible for this?"
Anders: Like I said I upset her, i did not mean to, she is my mom and all.
Whittaker: "There's a replicator in the kitchen. Replicate yourself a new uniform." :: beat, dangerously ::" That's an order."
Anders: ::Feeling like a beat little puppy dog and speaking very timidly:: Aye sir... right away.
:: There was a loud commotion from a nearby table and looking over, found the answer to his question. Baylen was shocked, and knew without a doubt that he was more so in the dog house than before. He frowned as He and Theo walk over to try and save the Gorn. ::

Anders: ::Yelling:: Mother.....
Tatash: "Wait, what?! Mother?"
Alia: Oh I am Bay Bay's mother. ::She winked at the big Gorn.:: Oh Mr. Theo and Bay Bay so good you two could join us.
Whittaker: :: he couldn't deny it, he found it rather amusing and his irritation began to dissipate :: "Oh no..."
Tatash: "I uh..."
:: Baylen was to the point he thought Theo was going to run far far away and Baylen almost felt a tear in his eye when Theo let out a snort of laughter ::
Tatash: "That's not very helpful Theo..." :: he hissed ::
Anders: Mother, this a Star Fleet, Base, this is not a Bath House of Risa or New Orleans. Mr. Tatash is a Officer of this station and this is this is.

Alia: This is what. Mr. Tart...

Anders: ::Grinding his teeth:: Tatash... Tatash

Alia: Tart Tatash, you know what I mean.
Tatash: "Well when an attractive woman throws herself at me..."
::Baylen was about to say something when marine officer interjected into their conversation. Baylen was so embarrassed that there was no a full blown circle around his mother and she was holding court.::
Raisillius: In those situations I've found it's best to splash a drink in my own face to save her the trouble later.
Whittaker: "We might be a bit late that." :: he motioned to Baylen's uniform and turned to him :: "Go."

Anders: ::Blushing and frowning:: Aye sir...

::Baylen walked away very sad... He just new that after today and all this Theo would never want to see him again, he would probably have Sal transfer him off to a cargo ship running some stupid smelly cargo to dumps of the federations and Sal would go along with it because his mother Kissed him and hugged him and all that. Why could she not be like a normal mother. She had no boundary's at all and stayed half drunk all the time.

Baylen walked into the Kitchen feeling like crap He made his way to a small room at the rear of the kitchen and took off his ribbons, combadge and pips laying them on a desk and then took off the uniform and stood the bare chest for a moment looking at the dress whites and noticed the stains were gone. He turned them round and round in his hands and no stains the uniform look new again.. He took a seat in the chair and add the his pips and Combadge back to the uniform then added his Ribbons back and put it back on. He looked in a glass at his reflection and walked back out. Really wanting to go to his quarters and go to bed in his depression more so than sit through a dinner knowing that his Mother messed things up for him and Theo. But he was a Star Fleet Officer and he had to be at this dinner that was a order and Baylen would be noticed if he was not there.

Baylen started making his way to his table.::


Wishing you Fair Winds and following Seas...

Lt. Commander Baylen M. Anders
Second Officer and Mission Specialist
Fleet Operations 118th Fleet
Star Base 118


ID: R238606GH0

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