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Col Nugra & Cmdr Vess - Old Friends Speak At Last

Dizmim ChNilmani

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(( Marine Commander's Office - Deck 11 - USS Doyle-A ))

:: Nugra stared at the Federation logo that lazily twirled on the pop up view screen built in to his desk. Having assumed command of the Doyle's marine detachment, he finally felt more at home than anywhere since leaving the Victory. The USS Victory was the reason he was staring at the screen. What had happened to his old crew? It was almost a year since they all transferred to the Gorkon under Captain Quinn Reynolds, but were they still alive? Did they still serve? ::

:: Nugra kicked himself mentally for not checking up on his old friends. One of them especially. Alucard Vess had been his friend since the Gorn arrived at the Embassy at Til'ahn while they were under fire. Nugra had stood at the tactical panel of the Rodimus Prime while Alucard Vess fought to the very last phaser charge. They had grown to become friends in a very distant sort of way. They were never chummy like some crewmembers were, but they both had known that the other was there no matter how dark things became. ::

:: Nugra decided it was time to quit being such a broken down lizard and connect with old friends and memories. A quick search easily gave him his friend's information. ::

Nugra: Computer. Route me a call to Commander Alucard Vess. Presently stationed on the USS Gorkon.

:: The computer beeped and Nugra waited until the face of his dear old friend appeared. ::

((Meanwhile - Vesses Quarters - USS Gorkon))

:: Alucard was alone in the quarters with the kids. Angie had gone to meet with some of the other mothers on the ship in the lounge. No doubt husbands and children would be a subject for discussion, and not necessarily in a flattering light.::

:: Lunch had just been cleaned up and Alucard had seated himself at his desk while the boys played. He wasn’t expecting any calls, let alone the familiar face that popped up on the screen.::

Nugra: ::smiling:: Alucard! It's been awhile! How have you been?

Vess: Ah’ve been we…

:: A cry from the behind him caught his attention.::

Vess: Hang on…

:: He turned and assessed the situation before taking action.::

Vess: Ally! Give yer brother his bear back right now! :: He turned back to the screen.:: Sorry.

Nugra: Hope you don't mind the impromptu call.

Vess: Glad yeh called. :: Something about Nugra was different.:: Wait, yer a Marine now?

Nugra: ::chuckling:: Yes. Major Parker was not happy when he found out. I saw him back on Duronis when I had to do some paperwork there.

:: That was not a pleasant visit and one that the Gorn was glad was over. ::

::Alucard couldn’t help but chuckle. It was too funny.::

Nugra: I was sure he was going to have a heart attack right there.

Vess: It’s just that, well, now the great Hannibal Parker and Nugra, who both nearly beat each other to death, are now on the same *team*. ::Pause.:: Dinna know the Columbia had Marines.

Nugra: That’s the other change. I’m on the Doyle now.

Vess: Doyle? They transferred yeh, again?

Nugra: Sadly, yes. Commander Brek was offered a great financial opportunity and as a good ferengi, he chose to pursue it. How about yourself? How’s the Gorkon?

::Alucard shrugged.::

Vess: Oh, it’s same old same. Other than getting my side ripped open by a werewolf.

Nugra: ::surprised:: Werewolf? I thought those were only earth myths.

:: Alucard smiled. Nugra was one of the few who he’d told about where he really came from, and why he was so hard to hurt. He didn’t know how secure the channel was, so he didn’t go into too much detail regarding his injury or how he’d kept going despite the pain and loss of blood.::

Vess: Sabotaged holodeck. We all got pretty banged up, one guy was shot with a bullet of all things. Most of the reports are still wrapped up in red tape, so Ah canna say much over the comm. How’s Iria? She still with yeh?

:: Nugra nodded recognizing the underlying cautiousness of his comment that he had grown to recognize and respect. Vess had been around a lot longer than most people expected and it had taught him a lot about being cautious. The Gorn was not surprised though at the change in direction of the conversation. ::

Nugra: No. She didn’t tell me why, but something was bothering her and she decided to roam for awhile. Since Doctor Kaji took a research position removing her from normal fleet operations, Iria has been rather...lonely.

Vess: Ah suppose it was a bit of a lurch fer her, having just gotten settled in to normalcy to have it taken away. Have yeh tried talking to her?

Nugra: I know, but as you’re quite aware, she’s not the easiest...or safest to talk to if she doesn’t want to.

Vess: Oh, Ah know. ::Pause, then smiles.:: Neither is her father at times, come to think of it.

Nugra: How about Angie and the little guys? From the beginning of the call, they sounded rather rambunctious.

Vess: Oh, they’ve reached the wrassling stage. ::Shrugs.:: Ally takes a toy, Sloane cries, then a fight usually ensues. It all comes down to jealousy.

Nugra: No other children on the way? ::grinning:: I’ve been warned about the water.

Vess: :: Smiles.:: No, none on the way yet. We’re taking a break until the boys are a little older. Well, sort of a break…

:: Truth be told, they weren’t actively trying, but all the same not trying to prevent anything. He and Angie both wanted a lot of kids, whenever they showed up. So whenever the next one happened was fine with the both of them.::

Vess: We should get together on Til’ahn sometime so they can see yeh. Ally loves that little wooden sword yeh gave him. We just canna let him play with it a lot. We’d like Sloane to keep both of his eyes.

Nugra: It seems Ally is going to grow up to be a formidable warrior like his father and I would love to visit you all. We’ll just have to plan as the Doyle is stationed in the Avalon sector and it’s not a short hop to Duronis.

Vess: :: Chuckles.:: Well, we *could* just hijack our ships and use the QSSD...

:: The Gorn gave the man a friendly smile. He missed having him about and hoped that one day things would change. Nugra missed his old crew a lot. ::

Nugra: Please wish the rest of our ol’ compatriots aboard the Gorkon a hello from me. It’s good to speak to you again, Alucard.

Vess: Ah’ll do that. It was good speaking with yeh too.

Nugra: Fight for Duty and Honor.

Vess: Always the serious one... We’ll talk again, soon hopefully. ::Pauses, then decides to follow suit with a motto of his own.:: Alba gu bràth.

:: The channel closed and, after a few beeps, the screen displayed the Starfleet logo.::


JP By…


Colonel Nugra

Marine Commanding Officer

USS Doyle-A, NCC-980221-B

Deputy Commandant

Captain's Council Magistrate





Commander Alucard Vess


USS Gorkon



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