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Lt JG Merrick R'Ven: Past Goodbyes


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::The day had been a long one, Merrick was a newly minted Lt JG the pips on his collar not even a few hours older yet. He considered calling his parents, but immediately rejected the idea.::

::Standing Merrick slipped off his uniform and put on something to wear to bed, something comfortable as his mind continued to churn over what to do, who to talk to, the whole thing creating a strange sense of . . . .oO Being alone Oo. . . . restlessness. ::

::As Merrick slid into bed the fans in the room came on stirring his sheets slightly and his thoughts went back to a name he had not thought of in years: Sinadra.::


:: The night was well along and cooler breezes were blowing off Mount Seleya and in through the open bedroom windows.::

::The bedcovers under which Merrick slept also folded back and then in the middle of the room was filled with shifting shadows and the slightest sound of fabric moving along skin.

::However none of it had anything to do with the breezes.::

R’Ven: Sindrana?

::Merrick had awakened and spoke without even turning.::

Tovek: ::soft contralto.:: Yes Merrick.

:: Now Merrick rolled over in bed to look at her, her long dark hair, her slender figure, the elegant way that she moved, as always made his heart beat a little faster as watched her move in the dimness.::

::Although his black on black gave little aid in seeing in the dark, Merrick seemed content to watch her, her form illuminated by Delta Vega's moonlike glow on an otherwise dark Vulcan night.::

R’Ven: What are you doing? ::There was a slight quaver in Merrick voice as he asked the question.::

Tovek: You already know Merrick, we talked about this already.

::Yes, Merrick knew already, but the question was in itself a stall, a pause to stave off the inevitable recognition of what was coming, even if for a few more seconds. Even his silence was an effort to try and extend it for a few more precious moments as he sat there looking at her.::

Tovek: Lights!

::Merrick blinked under the assault of sudden light but his mind was already telling him what was happening.::

.oO She is leaving Oo.

::The light revealed Sindrana’s single piece jumpsuit, simple belt and boots. The light also revealed the hints of her Vulcan and Romulan heritage. He always found it to be a perfect blending. With the proper make up or hair style she pass for either or both.::

R’Ven: ::flat voice:: You are leaving.

Tovek: ::equally flat tones:: You knew that I would be. We have discussed this before.

::Merrick sat up in bed to face Sinadra::

R’Ven: Yes we did. .oO But I did not expect it to be so soon. Oo.

::Sinadra turned to look at Merrick, her upswept eyebrows dropping slightly and her lips, as if holding back something she couldn’t bring her self to say, flexed before she pulled them under sharp control.::

Tovek: Do not make this any harder than it has to be. ::slight pause:: You know that I must go.

::Merrick nodded::

R’Ven: Your family needs you?

::It was what She had told him, but he was never sure if he believed it.::

::Sinadra’s face became like a glacier, cold and remote, yet Merrick could see a note of sadness when he looked.::

R’Ven: ::he spoke with crispness:: Your family is on Romulus?

::Sinadra just looked at Merrick, her silence ringing loudly in his ears. He knew that there was something that she was not telling him. Should he push it? He was afraid to.::

R’Ven: I will go with . . . .

Tovek: NO!! ::slight pause:: No. We have been through this before. You are not trained. Romulus . . . I must go . . .

::Merrick had not intended to say that, it had just came out, but her answer spoke volumes.::

R’Ven: ::reluctant nod:: . . . and do what you have been trained to do.

::Sinadra stared at Merrick for a long moment, her eyes dark and probing, but then finally she nodded::

R’Ven: Do you know when you will be back?

Tovek: No.

::Merrick rose to his feet and walked over to Sinadra, looking into her eyes as he took her hands in his.::

R’Ven: Then you must go.

::There was a cold finality to Merrick’s words, and there was a tightness in his chest as he spoke them.::

::Sinadra’s dark almond shaped eyes were moist and yet still held a steely firmness as they looked into Merrick’s coal black ones.::

Tovek: I . . .

::Merrick kissed her, one last physical act to cover who knows how many years that would stand between them.::

::It was warm, passionate, lingering, and it was filled with all the emotion that they were trained to never show in public. It spoke words they couldn’t find and fears that that they couldn’t say.::

::But as all moments do, they finally end, and there was Sinadra standing at the door.::

Tovek: ::holding her hands in the traditional Vulcan salute:: Live long and prosper Merrick R’Ven

R’Ven: ::Holding his hand in a mirroring salute::. Peace and long life Sinadra of the house of Tovek

::Like a wave, sadness broke over Sinadra’s Vulcanian features and then faded leaving behind only a cold countenance, the one that she always seemed to present to everyone.::

::Everyone but Merrick.::

Tovek: I am afr. . . I do not believe I will have either.

::The last words seemed to be torn out of her. She closed her eyes, turned strode out of the door without looking back.::

::Merrick watched her leave and standing, his hand finally dropping to his side like some forgotten thing there long moments after the door slide shut, his own sadness written openly on his face.::

R’Ven: Lights!

::With that simple word the illumination in the room vanished, even the dim lightthat had been streaming into the room had faded vanished. Lifelessly Merrick crawled back into bed.::

::He had been on Vulcan for almost a decade and now he was alone again, probably for a very long time to come. Perhaps Sinadra would come back . . . or not, but Vulcan would teach him more than just academia, and achievement it could teach him about coping and loss and he would embrace it. And maybe, just maybe, if Sinadra didn’t return he would venture out and away from Vulcan and find her himself.::

::It took him some time but Merrick finally found sleep::


::And Merrick finally found relaxation and sleep tonight as well.::

Ensign Merrick R'Ven
Science Officer
USS Apollo - A
ID: A239210MR0

Edited by Ren Rennyn
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