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JP LtC Anders and LtC Whittaker - New Years

Sal Taybrim

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((Starbase 118, Promanade))

:: As the two left Bassel’s office and headed back towards the exit, Theo found himself holding Baylen’s hand again and shouting over the thumping bass coming from… somewhere.::

Whittaker: “He’s…. unique!”

Anders: Yeah he is different that is for sure, but he does what he says. You ready for dinner, I have a table waiting on us at Cabo Breeze. I asked for a private outdoor dining room on the beach.

:: Touched at the effort that Baylen had gone to, Theo merely smiled in return and squeezed his hand. :

Anders: That is if that is ok, if there is something that you would rather do, please tell, I want you to enjoy the night. ::Smiling::

:: Emerging out of the club and the fresh evening air, Theo shook his head ::

Whittaker: “I’m genuinely touched by the effort that you’ve gone to Baylen.” :: beat :: “No one has ever done this for me before.”

Anders: ::Looking at the First Officer in the eyes.:: Anything worth doing it worth doing right, so any effort put in was in enjoyment. I will admit. ::blushing:: I got a slight crush on you the first time I saw you on the Bridge of the Albion. I thought you were glowing. ::Deeply blushing as he admitted his crush.:: So I am very happy you allowed me to take you out to night. It means a lot to me.

Whittaker: :: dubiously :: “I was glowing?”

:: Theo let his companion lead the way to this Cabo Breeze. He had seen it in the station directory but he had no idea where it was. Evidently, local. ::

Anders: No turns out that you were just standing in front of a lighted post on the bridge. But boy it makes for a great memory. ::Smiling.::

Whittaker: “I do believe you are flirting with me again Mr. Anders.” :: grinning. ::

Anders: Again? Have I ever stopped. ::Giving a slight puppy eyes look as the two walked down the hill side road to the beach.:: If I flirt it is because you make me feel happy. I have some slight empathic abilities and some people just really make me feel happy. You are the strongest I have ever met.

Whittaker: “Strongest what? I don’t follow.”

::The two rounded the bottom of the hill and walked out past the replica of the golden gate bridge, that was often used for venders to sell things, but tonight there was a concert on the bridge. Baylen pointed over to the far side at Cobo Breeze::

Anders: There it is… ::Baylen thought for a moment.:: it's hard to explain, I guess it's like a chemical reaction in the body. It is something that happens to Risian Men, it's how they generally find their mates.

::Baylen and Theo walked up to the Tiki Hunt that had a white ribbon and bow tied around the entry. The hunt had steps that lead up to a small bridge that lead to the floating hut that sat about fifteen feet out into the water. They could hear the band on the Bridge playing, Baylen took the ribbon down and walked and pulled out Theo’s seat and then walked over took a seat of his own. He picked up the glass of the iced water on the table and took a sip.::

Whittaker: “My my!” :: beat :: “You really are pulling out all the stops.” :: he looked around :: “This is lovely.”

Anders: ::Smiling:: I love this place, it reminds me of home. I have not been back in 11 years. So this is a home away from home for me. I will go get us some drinks. Would you like another Cosmo or something different? I want a Risian Sun Rise.

Whittaker: :: smiling :: A cosmopolitan would be lovely.

::Baylen hated to walk away but he had forgotten in his excitement to let anyone know that he was there, so he walked up to the bar and to order the drinks. He was so happy and so excited that he walked with an extra bounce in his step. He barely could feel his injury now. Walking up to the bar he nodded at the Tender and ordered a few drinks and let them know that him and Theo were there. He walked back to his beautiful date with the drinks.::

Anders: Here you are Theo, ::Pausing:: is that ok? Off duty and alone? I would never call you that on duty or in front of another officer.

Whittaker: I genuinely don’t mind if you were to call me Theo on duty. Sal does, after all :: he smiled ::

Anders: It is one thing that I know well, from serving with some many Admirals and Ambassadors, there is a way to act on Duty in front of the crew, there is on Duty and in Private and then there is Off duty then Off duty and alone. I would never want to do anything to embarrass you.

::Baylen turned when he heard the music on the bridge change. He smiled at the slow melody that was playing and the drifting the notes that flowed down to the beach side. Baylen suddenly smiled a Theo and took a big sip of his drink and stood up.::

Anders: Care to dance. ::Smiling and holding his hand out.:: It's not everyday that you have a private beach front under the stars and a great band from above.

:: Theo suddenly felt self conscious. Dancing was not his strong suit and he didn’t want people watching him make a fool of himself- especially so soon after his promotion. He looked unsure as he replied ::

Whittaker: “I.. um, can’t dance and I don't want to embarrass myself ::

Anders: I don’t think anyone would see. ::Smiling:: And I am not the best of dancer either but I don't exactly have two left feet.

Whittaker: :: smiling :: “I guess I don’t have a choice.”

::As Theo stood up to dance, Baylen took him into his arms and the two started to move to the music. The feeling of Theo in Baylen’s arms felt wonderful. He also smelt wonderful too. As the two danced Baylen felt like he was worth all the latinum on Ferenginar. To top it off Fireworks started bursting in the air above them, they had been shot off from the bridge from the concert. Baylen looked up and smiled at the fireworks and then back down at Theo. He really wanted to kiss him now more than ever.

Theo stopped and looked up at the fireworks before meeting Baylen’s stare. He might not have been telepathic but he could sense what was about to happen. He smiled, giving silent permission.

Baylen felt very hot in side and holding a very warm Theo, he was very happy. He leaned down and kissed Theo softly on the lips. He held him close as they dances and smiled back at him. As the song ended. Baylen pulled off his shoes and rolled his pants legs up. Picking up his drink and walk over and taking a seat on the beach with his feet in the water.::

Anders: Well Theo I guess 92 is out and 93 is in… Happy new years. ::Smiling::

To Be Continued...


Wishing you Fair Winds and following Seas...

Lt. Commander Baylen M. Anders
Second Officer and Mission Specialist
Fleet Operations 118th Fleet
Star Base 118


ID: R238606GH0

~The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.~


Lieutenant Commander Theo Whittaker
Executive Officer

Starbase 118/ USS Albion
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