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A look back at 2392

Federation News Service

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With the new year around the corner, here are the top stories that dominated the headlines this past year.

1. Federation Transport Union goes on strike


Just hours before the crystal ball dropped at the International Market Square in Minneapolis, ringing in the start of 2392, the Federation Transport Union voted to go on strike, a culmination of failed negotiations and frustrations with the Federation and Starfleets inability to protect transport crews from increasing piracy, especially along the Borderlands near the Klingon Empire and from Nausicaan raids.

All shipping and transit runs were immediately suspended, including those of 812 major shipping carriers. The strike ultimately lasted nearly eight months, finally ending when Federation President Bacco secured a deal with Transport Union officials that called for private contractors to supplement existing Starfleet efforts that provide protection along trade routes.

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2. Election season ends with Narala as President-elect

The 2392 presidential election season kicked off with the unexpected announcement of Federation Ambassador Lily Ventus candidacy. She was soon followed by Nimbus III Chief Administrator, both of whom beat Terra Novan Federation Councilor Kevin Steiners own announcement. Steiner, a long-time critic of President Bacco who was long rumored to run against her, ended up running against several other outsider candidates such as Axanar Governor Adellia Vor when Bacco herself declined to seek re-election.

When the field whittled down to five, with Trill Chief of Staff Kthria joining late in the race, the candidates debated a host of issues that were on the minds of citizens, ranging from the Maquis Reborn to the future direction of the Federation. When the votes were tallied, Narala emerged victorious, swaying voters with her focus on promoting greater unity and equal attention to all Federation worlds.

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3. Inox government collapses

After a prominent government official was cleared of corruption charges in February, Inox descended into chaos as demonstrations broke out across the non-aligned planet. With their economy crippled by the Federation Transport Union strike, Inoxans were frustrated with rampant unemployment and an ineffectual government. Led by Beja Nyuanin, a former professor at Grand Karra University, what began as a series of large but mostly peaceful protests fell to outbreaks of violence as demonstrators clashed with government security forces.

Civil unrest continued on the planet for the next few months and when Mashana, the fourth largest city on Inox, fell to anti-government forces in May, Inoxan Chancellor Koaw Tassin declared a state of emergency. Tassin and his government was ultimately deposed, with the revolutionaries declaring victory and a new dawn for Inox. However, the rebellion has since fractured with no faction being able to regain control of the entire planet, and the Federation Diplomatic Corps continues to advise all Federation citizens to avoid nonessential travel to Inox.

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4. FNS experiences shake-up after controversial Maquis Reborn publication


Former FNS editor-in-chief Reza Kardgar

After the FNS published a letter from Nikael Kalre, leader of the terrorist group known as the Maquis Reborn, on the fourth anniversary of the attack on Ohmallera, Betazed, by a hijacked Starfleet vessel, thousands of angry readers called for the resignation of FNS editor-in-chief Reza Kardgar and a formal apology from the news organization. A greater number of FNS readers, though, voted in a poll that they supported Kardgar and his decision to publish the letter. While they may disagree with Kalre and his acts, Federation citizens agreed that the principles of free speech and a free press were paramount.

The right of free speech and an independent press means from time to time that the FNS will post unsettling things, but that is never a reason to censor speech, said one reader.

Still, Kardgar stepped down after he felt he had become a distraction to the FNSs mission to report the news and not become it. He returned to a staff editor position, and Lara Senekal was named as the FNSs interim editor-in-chief.

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5. Romulan Star Empire invites President Bacco for state visit

The new Imperial Senate of the Romulan Star Empire extended an invitation to Federation President Bacco to visit the new capital of Rator III and address the legislative body in a move widely seen by foreign affairs analysts as an attempt by the new Senate to secure its legitimacy as the rightful successor to the original Imperial Senate that was destroyed on Romulus by the Hobus supernova in 2387.

President Bacco accepted the invitation earlier this year, and months of planning has resulted in this months historic visit. While some are opposed to the visit, given the Empires conflict with the Romulan Republic, others view Baccos trip as a chance to foster greater diplomatic ties and possibly even trade between the Empire and the Federation.

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