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Maquis Reborn strikes Astrofori One

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ASTROFORI ONE — The terrorist group known as the Maquis Reborn have executed an attack on the Astrofori One space station during a Starfleet awards celebration on the holodeck.

After discovering the grisly murder of a Cardassian diplomat during their awards celebrations, the crew of the USS Gorkon soon came to realize that the death was only a single part of an elaborate plot. It was swiftly made clear that the crew—and their diplomatic and media guests—were trapped inside a manor in a Gothic Victorian holoprogram, with no way to contact the outside world and the safeties disengaged.

Events grew stranger still from thereon out. The Gorkon’s commanding officer Captain Quinn Reynolds led a team to investigate a torture chamber discovered two hundred meters below the cellar. Though recently in use, the chamber was believed unoccupied, until a section of wall shifted to reveal a drugged and kidnapped member of the Gorkon crew, Petty Officer Rory. Lieutenant JG Lael Rosek and Ensign Jansen Orrey were caught unawares by a concealed hatch in the floor, falling into the catacombs below the manor.

Forced to flee through a tunnel system when the chamber walls began to close in, Captain Reynolds and her team escaped through an open-air cavern, only to be assaulted by a masked gunman, who seriously injured Commander Walter Brunsig before making his escape. Fortunately for him, Lieutenant Rosek and Ensign Orrey found their way out of the catacombs shortly after the attack, and Orrey was able to provide battlefield medicine for the wounded man before the small group of officers carried him back to the manor.

Elsewhere in the program, the team of Commander Alucard Vess narrowly avoided tragedy during their explorations of the manor’s hedge maze, when the sabotaged holodeck began to churn out creatures from human horror legend to pursue them through the maze. Commander Vess was wounded by one of the werewolves, and to compound the situation, the hedge maze was inexplicably set alight. Barely escaping with their lives, the entire maze was reset once the team had freed themselves from its confines, with the emblem of the Maquis Reborn seared across the sky for all to see.

“First Deep Space Ten, then Astrofori One,” said Upper Secretary Korius ch’Havran, of Astrofori One’s Romulan Mission. “What does Starfleet intend to do about these madmen?”

Outside the holodeck, Ensign Tonya Lang arrived aboard a Starfleet transport vessel, and discovered that she was the only one of fifty crew left aboard. Joining forces with Lieutenant JG Toni Lupo and Master Chief Petty Officer Chris Kildare, the group identified that the missing crew had been beamed away by a Dominion transporter, their location currently unknown.

Meanwhile, the interior of the manor was plunged into darkness, with all lights and fires simultaneously extinguished. A team led by the Gorkon’s first officer Lt. Commander Skyfire worked out of the manor library, struggling to maintain order among the guests and find a way to shut the program down. Interrupting their efforts was an attack by a wolf-like creature, and its death provided the first evidence that the program was beginning to break down, as the creature changed shape and form after being killed, morphing into a chimera of panther, wolf and targ. As Lieutenants Cory Stoyer and Paul Sharpe, along with Ensign Mitchell Shapiro, worked on a way to shut down the program, the rest of the senior staff returned with their wounded, and the library became a temporary hospital.

To the great relief of all involved, the Gorkon’s engineers managed to take advantage of the disintegrating holoprogam to shut it down, and the injured crew were immediately evacuated.

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