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Lt. Cmdr. Skyfire & Lt. Stoyer - What's Under The Hood Revisit

Ayiana Sevo

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(( Main Engineering, USS Gorkon ))

:: Chythar hadn’t time to read up on the specs, and he was still getting to know this fine ship. What better way than by a tour of the facilities? Since he’d asked during the party about what was under the hood and they were rudely interrupted with the death of the Cardassian envoy, it made sense to revisit the matter during shore leave. He entered the engine room and glanced around, having a vague understanding of what was here from his engineering courses; but that didn’t make him any more knowledgeable. It took him a few moments to locate their chief engineer, Lt. Cory Stoyer. Once he did, he caught the man’s attention by calling out to him. ::

Skyfire: Cory!

:: Cory was standing on the main floor of Main Engineering. He had just completed his first walk around of the day. You could look at the monitors and get an overview of what was going on, but unless you walked around and looked you would miss things. His Department Master Chief went to check on some crewmen that were not working to his efficiency. Cory smiled at the thought. ::

oO I almost feel sorry for them. Almost. Oo

:: Cory heard someone call his first name. ::

oO What? Oo

Stoyer: :: Turning and smiling. :: Hey XO. Welcome to Main Engineering. What can we do for you, sir?

Skyfire: Let’s dispense with the formalities, first off. Second, you can answer my earlier question I attempted to ask at the party. Show me what’s under the hood.

Stoyer: OK, Chythar. :: sweeping an arm around the main floor. :: Here is the main floor of Main Engineering. In front of us, the big glowy thing is the Warp Core. It is a class nine Warp Core and it powers everything onboard. The main consoles around this area are for monitoring the flow of matter and anti-matter into the warp core.

:: As Cory explained, most of the engineering seminar came back to CD’s mind. Granted, the schematics of a Sovereign were buried in the bottom of what he’d learned, so it took him a few moments of staying quiet before he recollected anything. ::

Skyfire: Like internal temperatures of the EPS conduits and such?

Stoyer: Yes, everything about the warp core and transferring of power is monitored here. Other stations cover the Impulse engines, shields, weapons and damage control. There are several back up stations in secondary control, just in case. Shall we take a walk?

:: Chythar grinned slightly and made a sweeping motion with his hand. ::

Skyfire: After you, chief.

:: Cory led Chythar over to the main display table on the middle of Main Engineering. CD followed close behind, but far enough back to give the man his space. For being a Terran, the XO suspected a hint of Italian blood as the man was very expressive with his hands. ::

Stoyer: Here is the main display of Engineering. You can see anything that is going on. From the power usage to what damage control lockers are being inventoried. There are repeater console on the bridge, in my office and in my quarters. :: Looking to Chythar. :: Do you want us to install one for you in your quarters or office? It is a good way to get an overview of what is going on.

:: The offer did have its merits, though realistically...what use would he he have for installed engineering consoles in his quarters or office? It probably would be a good idea, at any rate. There may be the possibility some of his buried knowledge might come in handy later, he realized. So, CD nodded. ::

Skyfire: I’d like that. No rush, though.

:: Cory smiled at Chythar and looked over his shoulder and got the attention of one of his Chief Petty Officers.. Cory Motioned him over. ::

Stoyer: Chief, the XO would like a repeater display installed in his office for now and maybe one in his quarters. Can you get that done at your earliest convenience?

Chief Stenton: Yes sir, it will take a day or two, but we will get it done. :: The Chief nodded to the Xo and walked back to his station. ::

Stoyer: There you go Chythar, in a day or two.

:: The XO nodded again to both men, and glanced around at the other stations briefly before returning his attention to Cory. ::

Skyfire: Anything else you wanted to show me?

Stoyer: My time is yours. We can go for a walk on the upper level. There is where we keep an eye on the Impulse Engines and auxiliary system. If you have more time, we can take a walk to a damage control locker and you can look it over to get an idea of what is inside. Knowing what we have could help you in the future.

:: Truth be told, CD was actually enjoying being away from the desk. Away from the paperwork. Away from the horrid choices that had to be made outside this room. He was having fun, and felt the bond of friendship with Cory grow stronger as they continued. ::

Skyfire: Please, lead on.

Stoyer: OK, come on.

:: Cory lead Chythar to the small elevator that would take them to the upper level. After making room for the XO and closing the gate, Cory hit the button to raise the platform. As they rose, Cory turned to Chythar. ::

Stoyer: One thing I had my Department Master Chief do is work with the Officers in charge of the shifts to let more junior crew to man the supervisory positions to let them get experience and learn the person’s position above them in case of casualties.

:: At the top, Cory opened the gate and let Chythar exit first. ::

Skyfire: :: nodding :: A good thought. Never was the case when I was CMO, though. I remember the paperwork… :: shuddered at the thought. More he’d have on his desk when he got back. :: Did I mention I hate paperwork?

Stoyer:I think you did several times. I agree. Someone important said that an army doesn’t march on it’s stomach, but slides on its paperwork.

:: Cory chuckled at his own humor. They walked over the the Impulse Engine management area. The crew men and women were busy at work, or just looking busy. Cory suspected that his Master Chief come through and ensured that everyone was alert before he got there. ::

Stoyer: :: looking at Chythar. :: Here is the Impulse management area. The crew here keep an eye on the engines and are ready to engage them as needed when we drop out of warp.

Skyfire: Always good to have someone ready to do so.

Stoyer: Yes, indeed. Most of the time, the day is routine down here. The crew completes preventive maintenance on all of the systems. Most of the time there are no problems, but occasionally we find something that needs to be replaced or repaired. They try and catch things before it gets bad. Of course there are he requests for maintenance that come from the different departments. The officer in charge of the shift will prioritize them as needed.

:: Cory continued to walk and talk around the upper level of Engineering. ::

Skyfire: :: nodding :: Saves wear and tear on the user later, and prevents exploding things.

:: CD shuddered again after he finished speaking, as this one triggered the memory of his first hours on the Gorkon and having to save Carter from shrapnel. ::

Stoyer: Yes, exploding is bad. You are correct, if we can find problems before they get back, we can fix them quicker.

:: Cory remembered the shuttle fire and explosions in the hangar bay of the Shiloh. What he really remember is the white sheets covering his friends. ::

Stoyer: So, what else would you like to see on your tour? I mean I still owe you a rematch.

:: CD chuckled slightly. Ah yes, the pool game. That too would be a thing which needed to happen. ::

Skyfire: You said before the chief would slap you upside the back of the head with rules? Or used to? I don’t know if I had the same professor as you. Is there a rulebook?

:: Cory recalled Senior Chief Bill Johns, his Senior Chief on the Shiloh. ::

Stoyer: No, it was not a professor, it was my Senior Chief onboard the Shiloh. Bill Johns. He had these rules. If you broke one, he’d smack the back of your head. A good way to remember.

:: Ah, that was very reminiscent of the holovid series NCIS, and John’s 21st century probable alter-ego and inspiration, Leroy Jethro Gibbs. A technique that seemed like it worked for some people. He might have to learn these rules and employ them. ::

Skyfire: I’d like to see these rules sometime. Think you could arrange that?

Stoyer: I actually wrote most of them down. I will have to go through my stuff in my quarters to find it. It shouldn’t take long…..

:: Cory remembered that Petra had gotten a hold of his quarters in preparation of moving in together after the wedding. ::

oO Well, I don’t know where it is. Oo

Stoyer: I will get back with you on that.

Skyfire: I could probably scribble them while you’re taking your shot.

Stoyer: OK. That sounds like a plan. I will find them and bring it to our rematch. So would you like to see a Damage Control Locker?

Skyfire: :: nodded :: Sure. Show me what damage control lockers look like.

:: Each new thing that was shown to Chythar in engineering made him realize he loved the department that much more. A shame he only took a few classes to fill out his transcript at the academy, but perhaps there would be time for further study later. ::

Stoyer: Follow me.

:: Cory led Chythar to Damage Control Locker 5. This locker was responsible for Main Engineering. The locker was neat and well organized. Cory showed some of the equipment that was used. He was grateful for an efficient Damage Control Assistant. He turned back to Chythar. ::

Skyfire: Keep it up, Cory. Looks like a well-oiled machine down here.

Stoyer: Thank you Chythar. I will pass on your praise to the Department. So meet up after work for that rematch?

Skyfire: Sure. Hope you can find those rules for me.

Stoyer: After my shift I will go and look.


Lieutenant Cory Stoyer

Chief Engineer

U.S.S. Gorkon



Lieutenant Commander Chythar Skyfire

First Officer

USS Gorkon NCC-82293

History Team Co-Facilitator

Medical Duty Post Facilitator

Dear Doc Columnist

Podcast Promotions Reporter


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