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Lt Rustyy Hael - I Can Whistle Purdy Good Too


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(( USS Conny - Security Chief's Office ))

:: Rustyy had been called to Sinda’s office, the chief of security.... It had similar feelings of being called to the principles officer. Someone had done something wrong. And it was, of course, his shining star Penny Hopper. She had gotten into a fight with a part time civilian slash part time security officer. Just great. ::

oO Could’a been worse..Oo

::Blank stare.::

oO Hoooooow? Oo

::His mind gumbled at him.::

oO It could’ve’a been somethin’ you did.. Oo


oO That’n be true. Oo

:: Sinda had passed along some advice, good advice at that. Though it probably meant that Penny would be mad at him for a while. Having an angry little gnome, who was usually frisky and foaming at the mouth, actual angry with him didn’t sound pleasant. But he liked her. ::

:: But changing positions couldn’t be all that would help. There had to be something that would work long term. What if Rustyy or Penny was transferred? Then she would face the same dilemma. And he wasn’t about to get blamed for anything that happen with her new supers. ::

Hael: I’s’a gots a question fer ya… You talk to someone ‘bout things?

Sinda: Well, I appreciate your bluntness, Hael. It has a certain refreshing tone. And, yeah, I've talked about it.

:: Rustyy’s face was blank. Was he being blunt? He thought he was just asking a question. But so long as whatever he did, didn’t receive a butt whooping…. ::

Hael: Reckon it help ya any?

Sinda: Turns out if you keep all that stuff inside, it burns you up. I found out the hard way. And let's just say Danzia is very good at her job.

Hael: ::nodding.:: Reckon I’ll’a pass that’a’long

Sinda: Good. Now, what about you, Hael? No offense or anything, but you look like targ dung. How're you holding up down there?

:: The understatement of the day! Still no shirt, no bath, no clean non-itchy pants. But he had eaten and slept a little. So it wasn’t all bad. He half hearted threw up his hands and shrugged.::

Hael: Reckons I’s’a beens worse.

Sinda: I've got a whole host of tactical guys with nothing to do - if you want extra hands, they're yours. I keep them trim by making them scrape the carbon scoring off the phaser emitters, so they know how to handle menial tasks.

Hael: You’d be makin’ more than a few folks happy I tell’ya wha’. If’n you can spare’em… I’ll’a take’em.

Sinda: Done then.

Hael: Just send’em on down to engineerin’ and tell’em they be workin’ fer me. :: He smirked… Bet those mostly up-tight officers would *love* to find out they were going to report to the illiterate engineer.::

Sinda: I don't like having complacent staff. Gamma shift will be on their way just as soon as I press this button.

Hael: Wish’n I had that magical like power. ::chuckled.::

Sinda: I'd lend you a few security officers, too, but they're currently roaming the halls until we get internal sensors back to optimum power.

Hael: ::nodding.:: Yeah we should be havin’ more things up’n runnin’ soon ‘ere. ::started to stand up.::

Sinda: There was something else. Down there, on Earth, you knew the risks. In the tea room I mean, when you led those police on a merry chase so the rest of us could get away. You knew the mission was more important than your life.

:: Still face syndrome.::

:: The mission? He knew his life -in the eyes of those from *his* century- was worth less than their mission. Let’s be honest, he was running to save his own butt. He wanted to live, and pull off almost steampunk style revival on his engines. That was the other big reason. Which to Rustyy’s great pleasure work b-e-a-uuuuuu-tifully. ::

:: Okay maybe there was some bit of him that knew that if his group was caught there would be huge consequences. And he didn’t like anyone getting in trouble. Even if he barely knew them. Darn his mama for giving him her heart. It was what made the fix-it Felix tinkerer more delicate than he cared to share. He pulled out his best leisure smirk.::

Hael: Reckon it weren’t no thing. ::holding his hands up.:: We gotta do, what we gotta do.

Sinda: I've worked with a lot of officers over the years. I reckon there's only a handful would have done that without hesitation.

::Rustyy’s brain laughed at him and he couldn’t help but smile a little. Like his mama always said, “ Rustyy you ain' got what it takes to be 'fraid of anything”. He did dumb things all the time, though he didn’t know its dumb.::

Hael: The wise ones pause an’ them foolish ones react. Ain’ no thinkin’ involved when I did it.

Sinda: I'll let you get back to it, Chief. I've got to meet with Prendar and then track down Foster to sort my face out. If you need me for anything, just shout.

Hael: I’s’a purdy good at shoutin’. ::pause.:: I can whistle purdy good too. ::he winked.::

:: Rustyy stood and smirked. Waving to Sinda as he left, Rustyy pondered the ever growing list of repairs. There was some good news though. The arrival of the other ship -providing he could get access to their replicators- meant that things would go smoothly. But something else was nagging at the back of his mind…. The new engine. Just a peek. Then he would get back to work. ::

oO Promise! Oo



Lieutenant Rustyy Hael

Chief Engineer

USS Constitution


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