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USS Darwin-A stands off against familiar foe but unable to save Talaxi

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DELTA QUADRANT — The USS Darwin-A was successful in retrieving a stolen quantum slipstream drive but was unable to respond to a distress call in time to prevent heavy Talaxian casualties.

After a chase across 30,000 light years that led into the Delta Quadrant, the USS Darwin (NCC-99312-A) has finally caught up with their recurrent adversary Captain Raikenoff and driven the criminal from the nebula within which his ship was hiding. Unfortunately, a swarm of Numiri attack ships emerged from the nebula as well. The Numiri swarm attacked Raikenoff, the Darwin, and her Defiant class escort ship, the USS Triumphant, and Raikenoff used the distraction to attempt another escape. As the Triumphant kept the Numiri swarm occupied, the Darwin set off in chase once again.

A daring plan orchestrated by the Science and Engineering team on the Darwin was used to great effect to force Raikenoff’s ship out of warp and prevent him from activating the stolen quantum slipstream drive again. The Triumphant, dealing a demoralizing blow to the lead Numiri ship, was able to disperse that threat and come to the aid of the Darwin. Together, the two Starfleet vessels pounded on the superior ship’s defenses until the shields fell, which allowed the Darwin to beam out the stolen quantum slipstream drive and take the enemy ship’s bridge crew into custody.

During the battle, a Talaxian distress signal had been received, but due to the engagement, the Darwin and Triumphant were unable to immediately respond. With their primary mission complete, the Starfleet vessels were able to trace the signal to a base on the exterior of a Dyson Sphere. Still claiming defense of sovereign space, the Numiri fleet reformed in their path and attempted to blockade the Sphere.

Using a combination of the Triumphant’s superior firepower and the Darwin’s defensive capabilities, they punched a hole through the blockade and sent a rescue mission to the base, consisting of a shuttle from each ship. Inside, they found devastation from where the Numiri had been pummeling the installation for weeks and two Talaxian survivors. Unfortunately, the remaining Talaxian inhabitants had perished shortly before the rescue attempt. Fighting off an armed incursion led by the Numiri leader, Captain Aurilius, the away team left quickly with the survivors. Rather than let the remains of the base fall into Numiri hands, Captain Renos ordered the destruction of the base after being so advised by Nadenka, the ranking Talaxian survivor.

Meanwhile, it was discovered that Raikenoff had evaded capture by the Darwin via use of a personal transport inhibitor, and now he and his ship were gone. Though the mission was technically a success, the loss of both Raikenoff and the inability to save many more Talaxian lives left it a hollow victory for many.

After a short detour to drop off the Talaxian survivors, the Darwin and the Triumphant made the long quantum slipstream jump back to Deep Space 6, leaving plenty of time for the crew to unwind and come to terms with the ramifications of the mission.

“You have our thanks for returning the Heroes of Unity Base to us. I wish you could have arrived sooner to rescue more, but at least the Numiri can no longer reap the benefits of our efforts!” exclaimed the Talaxian Colony Leader Ferix upon the return of the survivors.

Arriving back at Deep Space 6, the crew was treated to a masquerade ball designed and implemented by Captain Renos as a team-building and stress-relieving exercise. The masked and garbed crew had a splendid evening of drinks, dancing, and chatting.

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