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PNPC Shiarrael - Three Bottles of Romulan Ale

Selene Faranfey

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(( VIP Quarters - Deck 2 - USS Doyle-A ))

:: Shiarrael's eyes opened groggily and a piercing headache shot through the side of her head. Her mind was muddy and the Romulan had trouble gauging where she was. The cool breeze in the room immediately told her that she did not have a stich of clothing on and the small set of cases in the corner finished up the idea that she was in her room aboard the Doyle. ::

:: Sitting up, she placed her aching hand to her forehead and tried to keep from collapsing back on the couch. ::

oO Fvadt! What did I do this time? Oo

:: Stumbling out of bed, she tripped on some hard and cold. Looking down through bleary eyes she saw four empty bottles of Romulan Ale strewn about and a half full cup on the vanity. ::

oO Well, that explains the headache. Oo

:: Slowly her memory came back of the night before, the uncomfortable conversation in the corridor and then rummaging through her supplies for the Ale. Blinking and looking in to the mirror to clear her eyesight, the thing that struck her was the second glass of ale and as the light in the back of her mind turned on. She heard a rustle in the bathroom. Grabbing her disruptor out of the vanity, she spun and aimed it at a young human man with dark hair stepping out of the bathroom in a clean uniform. He froze and put his hands up. A blush sat on his cheeks. ::

Davidson: Uh...I'm not sure how to take this?

Shiarrael: ::Angrily:: How the hell did you get in here?

Davidson: ::blushing:: Umm....you kinda...asked me in for a drink...and well then...

:: The extremely hazy memory of the young man spending the night explained the lack of clothing and the bottles everywhere. She lowered the weapon trying to keep an air of control. ::

Shiarrael: I...see.

Davidson: ::hopeful:: I got you that new uniform replicated with the materials I told you about.

:: He gingerly offered the faded gray jumpsuit to her. She snatched it from him and closed the distance. ::

Shiarrael: ::Warningly:: I barely have any memory, Mister...

Davidson: Brian. Brian Davidson.

Shiarrael: ::hissing:: Brian. If you want to keep your happy memories of last night I highly recommend you don't tell ANYONE that you were here. Do I make myself clear?

Davidson: Yes, Ma'am.

:: He started for the door and stopped, turning scared and somewhat hopeful. ::

Davidson: You want to get some coffee?

Shiarrael: Get out, Brian.

:: He quickly exited and she plopped herself on the floor exhausted holding her sore fist. ::

oO [...] that Romulan ale! Oo


PNPC Shiarrael
Republic Liaison Officer
USS Doyle-A

As Simmed By...

Colonel Nugra
Marine Commanding Officer
USS Doyle-A, NCC-980221-B
Deputy Commandant
Captain's Council Magistrate

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