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Talia Ohnari

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((Starbase 118 Ops, Operations))

(Day of the Party and Awards Dinner)

*OOC: A little long but should be enjoyable none the less.*

::Baylen had been sitting up in Ops watching the reports of the Flight
Officer while he had gone to lunch, This was not his normal cup of tea,
there was far more that he should be doing. Station traffic was pretty
run of the mill but while he running names against the station watch
list there was a name that caught his eyes and made him jump straight
up. He looked at the screen with a big huge grin for several minutes.
While he watched the Runabout approaching the Star Base, a Runabout
with Baylen’s best friend from his youth. Standing up and pull a
Operations Ensign over to the Flight Ops station. Baylen pointing at the
station and the incoming Runabout.::

Anders: Ensign Morgan, that Runabout there, it has VIP docking, it bumps
all other incoming ship. ::Looking at Morgan:: Are we clear?

Morgan: Aye sir, Shuttle Port 12 fine sir? ::She looked at the runabout
in some confusion.:: But sir there are no known VIP’s on that runabout.

Anders: There is a VIP on the shuttle make no mistake, a VIP for me, and
that will be very good, let the flight officer know I have gone to greet
an incoming guest.

Morgan: Very well sir.

Anders: Too bad I did not know he was coming, I would have had the
Statbase 118th Marine Corps Band waiting in the shuttle port. ::Baylen
was grinning was he got out of Ashley’s way.::

::Ashley Morgan took the station as Baylen walked to the Turbolift and
departed Main Upper Operations. As he rode the lift down the 200 decks
he smiled and thought about all the times sitting on the white sandy
beaches and the crystal clear ocean, while they rubbed wax on there
boards for hours, while looking at the visitors and talking about how
funny some looked and how good some looked and and how out of place
others were. All the times the would sneak and place a Horgon next to
some stranger and sit back and watch with big grins on their young faces.

(( Runabout Bastille - Outside Starbase 118 ))

::Antero sat at the helm, leaning lazily against the wall of the
runabout, sure that he would start hitting his head against it at any
moment. He had the expression of a zombie and was watching the comm
traffic and praying it would all be over soon.::

Honeycutt: ::Laughing:: Well it turns out the plasma coil was wrapped
around the isolinear rod in such a way that it was coming through with a
negative charge! Oh man, you should have seen the look on his face.
::Sobering:: Hey, are you listening?

Flynn: Hm..? Oh, yeah. Of course I am. ::He sat up a little straighter::
That's definitely the most interesting story I have ever heard about
isolinear plasma....charges?

Honeycutt: ::Smiling:: You know if you paid more attention you might
learn something.

Flynn: Sorry, what was that? ::He shot the Engineer a wink.::

Honeycutt: Have it your way. ::He looked toward the main viewer at the
busy Starbase:: How much longer until we dock?

Flynn: Were in the que but they are pretty backed up. ::He leaned
forward to check the docking status, tilting his head in confusion at a
notification.:: Something about you I should know Honeycutt?

Honeycutt: What do you mean?

Flynn: They gave us VIP priority. ::His hands went to the controls and
he moved them into position at Port 12:: Better let everyone know to
grab their gear, won't be long now.

::As Honeycutt moved to the back of the Runabout, Antero wondered
silently what their special clearance was about. Whatever the case, he
had no objection. He sent proper notification to approach control that
the vessel was ready for docking, and confirmation was received almost
immediately and the space doors opened. With the system locked on, the
vessel had a short trip along the directional array and before long the
Risian was slinging his pack over his shoulder, off to complete his
final check in.::

((Starbase 118, Docking Port 12, Deck 44))

The turbolift doors parted and Baylen stepped off the lift and walked
right across to the Shuttle Port just as the Runabout set down on PAD
Five, Baylen watched as other shuttles came into the large 14 deck tall
shuttle hangar bay, others turned and went into docking ports. Baylen
walked over to the Port side hatch of the runabout as a few flight deck
hands pushed over a set of steps and watched as a few Officers got off
the ship, then there was Antero Flynn, stepping off with his bags.
Baylen just beamed, Overcome with joy to seeing his old friend.::

Anders: Lt. Antero Flynn, What the hell are you doing in this part of
space, much less in that uniform. ::Smiling::

::The last one out, Antero was surprised to hear his name as he exited
the craft. He turned and his eyes went wide, it had been several years,
but he recognized the officer instantly. He dropped his bag practically
tackled him in a hug before pulling back, hands on his shoulders.::

Flynn: Baylen?! No way! When did you join Starfleet?

Anders: I joined the fleet six years ago. Now I am the Mission
Specialist of the Station. I did not think anything would drag you away
from beaches of Suraya Bay?

::It dawned on Antero that he might not have heard about what happened
to his younger brother Aurelio. This was not the time, but he still
answered honestly.::

Flynn: Oh you know, had to find that next great adventure. The waves
only get so big on Risa. ::He grinned::

Anders: Well that still does answer my question, what brings you to
Starbase 118. ::Grinning and throwing an arm around his neck and
shoulder and picking up his other bag with his free hand as he walked
Antero out of the shuttle port.::

Flynn: I volunteered to transfer a reassigned runabout from the Apollo,
my home away from Risa. ::He looked to his old friend, happy to have the
person he used to confide in the most.:: I actually have a tiny bit of
an ulterior motive.

Anders: You an Ulterior Motive? Never… ::Grinning::

Flynn: ::Smiling sheepishly:: It’s not like me but, I sort of fell for a
guy on my last assignment.

Anders: Oh really, that is great. I have meet someone myself, I really
like him a lot. He is such a sweetheart, and very sexy.

Flynn: Oh yeah? I’ll be interested in hearing more. ::He shrugged::
Things have hit a bit of a bump for us. Transfers tore us apart and we
never really talked about it. I figured it’s time for some resolution,
maybe see if there is a way we can keep things going.

Anders: ::Smiling:: Cheers to that. Shall we head out of here?

::The two stepped into the turbolift.::

Flynn: You bet, I’ve got some time to kill. Lead the way.

Anders: Did you arrange for quarters, I have a guest room, or are you

Flynn: I’m all set, thanks.

Anders: ::Baylen started to Laugh at random: Sorry I just thought about
those Tellarites.

Flynn: Tellarites?

Anders: You know the four that was skinny dipping in mavgos bay? We
snuck out on to the beach and stole their clothing and hid them in the

Flynn: ::Laughing:: Oh, man. How could I forget! We definitely knew how
to keep ourselves entertained.

Anders: ::Smiling:: We watched them all day running around naked looking
for there clothes and women running off and screaming.

Flynn: It was like staring at the sun, I think i'm still a little
scarred from it.

Anders: ::making a funny face:: I am too, I have never seen four butt
cheeks on anything before.

Flynn: ::Chuckling:: Reminds me of the time I took Illona tandem
skydiving and we landed in the middle of a nudist colony populated by
some Yridian crew. She still can’t look a Yridian in the eye…

Anders: That is funny. ::Smiling::

Flynn: ::He paused, suddenly considering:: How did you know I was here
anyway? My arrivals don't exactly make the news...

Anders: Oh, well I was in Flight Control in Ops and saw your name in the
runabout crew and you had a two hour wait, so I thought I would fix
that. ::Grinning:: I bumped two Captains for you.

Flynn: Good to see you still have my back. ::grinning:: I guess it’s
safe to say I have connections in the fleet.

Anders: You want to go get a drink, or are you in a hurry to go find
this man of yours?

::Antero felt butterflies at the mention of the conversation he had come
here for. A couple drinks sounded like the perfect remedy.::

Flynn: Definitely a drink. If i’m not pulling you away from anything…?

Anders: Not at all, we are on leave I was just lending a hand up on ops.

Flynn: ::Smiling:: Great. So where do all the cool kids go to put their
feet up around here?

Anders: Well the Promenade has a place I like called Cabo Breeze

Flynn: Yeah? Is it any good?

Anders: I is a lot like the old Mole Hole back home, very beach resort
like but not too overdone.

Flynn: Sounds right up our alley!

Anders: ::Pressing a button on the lift.:: Promenade Beach section.

Flynn: ::Smirking:: The important question, is are they as tolerant of
spontaneous tabletop musical numbers?

Anders: ::Blushing a little:: Hey I am part of the Command Staff here, I
am not so sure I could get away with that here. ::Laughing:: Well maybe
after a few Rums I might be talked into doing a musical number.
::Cutting Antero and silly look.::

Flynn: Sounds like we're going to be drinking some rum. ::He winked with
a wicked grin:: Assuming they are any good.

::The Turbolift dropped into the clear tube part of the Promenade, you
can all five cities and all there highrises. The bay in the middle of
them all with branches of water that flow out between the cities with
bridges over them. The bay was full of sailboats coming and going. The
lift hit the water line and the two went under the water line to the
subway like station below the Promenade and the lifts moved and adjusted
and came back up and opened up at the beach.::

((Promenade, Beach Area Cabo Breeze))


Anders: ::Pointing:: Cabo Breeze, they have some Rum Punches that are

::The pilot looked the place over and nodded his approval.::

Flynn: Looks like they did a good job of capturing a nice beach vibe.

::The two started to walk to the bar it was like a Bamboo Hut, with a
palm leaf roof. That sat on the edge of the beach and a deck that hung
over the water. The two walked up and Baylen sat down some the bags he
was carrying on the floor next one of the outside tables. He walked up
to bar and picked up two drinks that are in coconut shells with little
umbrellas hanging out of them and tons a fresh fruit and walked back and
handed one to Antero and took a seat.::

Anders: One of my favorite places off duty, I come here often.
::Smiling:: So tell me about their person you are here to see?

Flynn: ::Taking his drink gratefully.:: An officer I met on Columbia.
Really a sweetheart, and his hair had magical powers of always looking
awesome. Couldnt resist! ::He paused in reflection:: I admit, it’s the
first time I ever really connected with someone at that level.

Anders: Oh really, I just can't see you chasing after someone.
::Smiling:: What a change, I guess we all do finally grow up, even if we
don't want to. ::Baylen took a large drink of his Rum and Fruit juice
and smiles:: oO That is cool, Theo was on the Columbia, I wonder he
knows him. Oo

Flynn: Grow up? ::He took a big drink from his Coconut shell.:: Lets not
get hasty.

Anders: Ok so not growing up then, but being more open to more than
oneself maybe? ::Grinning:: Perfect hair huh? ::Baylen ran his hands
through his hair and frowned:: I wish I could say that about mine.

Flynn: Hey you do alright, but like me you actually have to put work
into maintaining a nice mane. ::He smiled:: So tell me something about
this fellow that caught your eye.

Anders: Well, I first meet him on the Bridge of the Albion, it was odd
because he was glowing, he was so warm and radiated a white light then I
noticed he was just standing in front of a light beam on the bridge, but
he was so beautiful he almost took my breath away. On top of that he
saved my life. He jumped on top of me in the torpedo room and knocked
me to the ground and laid on top of me as a plasma fire raged over head.
And you remember be telling you my fantasy about something along those
those lines. ::Baylen leaned back and took another drink almost lost in
the memory.:: So you know me, I flirted while he lay on top of me with
the fire over head. ::Smiling::

Flynn: ::Leaning forward, looking amazed:: Wow, sounds like quite a
catch. If only we could combine these two gentlemen we might have one
hell of a specimen. ::He smiled:: Though I have a feeling you would
agree that our own respective individuals are perfect just as they are.

::Baylen smiled and nodded at the Bar Tender and help up his hand with
two fingers up. A few seconds later a female in a grass skirt walked
over and placed two large drinks on the table and nodded and left.::

Anders: I would say that would be about right. ::Grinning:: Early this
morning he saved my little pug from being cooked. ::Smiling:: I would
have died if I lost Baxter. ::Taking a big sip.:: How are your Parents
doing? I was thinking about Hewitt the other day he was always so much
nicer than my dad?

Flynn: ::Adopting a look of puzzled amusement:: Don’t they always say
that saving a pug is the key to true love? ::He shrugged with a small
smile and looked away evasively, not sure he was ready darken their
enjoyable reunion.:: They are okay I guess...

Anders: ::Baylen could pick up the fact that Antero did not want to talk
about family at this moment. Risians has a small amount of Empathic
abilities but it was much stronger Risian to Risian.:: Did you say you
are on the Apollo? A friend of mine the this Ship's X.O., Alex and I go
way back. I went the Academy with her Commanding Officer Kali for that
matter. ::He hoped that was a good change of subject.::

Flynn: ::Brightening.:: Oh yeah? I guess I’m more connected than I
thought! ::He grinned:: I’ll be sure to do some name dropping as soon as
the opportunity presents itself.

Anders: I hope it does not land you in the brig. ::Grinning, he picked
up the two empty coconut shells and held them up to chest and did a
little dance in his chair, with a stupid look on his face as he could
feel the rum in his body.:: I have no idea why I just did that.

Flynn: ::Laughing:: Oh man, it’s just like old times. It really is great
to see you. Thanks for this.

Anders: Anytime you are in this area feel free and drop in we can do
sleepovers and PJ parties like when we were kids ::Grinning::

Flynn: Count on it. I won’t bother arranging quarters. :: He smirked::
We can even get up early and watch cartoons in our underwear again.

Anders: Oh my that is really going back. The “Risian Dress Whites.”
: :blushing:: But sounds awesome… As long as we don't have to eat those
nasty eggs with green sauce on them. ::Making a funny face.:: Hey!!! I
got an invite from the Station Commander for a big function tonight in
the Command Holodeck, we are doing winter sports and such with dinner
and award. I would love it if you can come? I can introduce you to guy
I have been talking about.

Flynn: I do have some paperwork to file over this vessel reassignment.
::He paused and then smiled:: But what kind of friend would I be if I
didn’t stop in at least to say hello.

Anders: That would be most awesome. ::Baylen looked up at the
artificial sun light beaming down on him and Antero.:: To bad we don't
have our swim trunks, we could go Surfing. They have some awesome waves
that break beautiful out there. There is also some great caves and
reefs down there I love to explore while Scuba Diving.

Flynn: Oh man, it’s been too long since I had even a taste of ocean.
::He looked at his childhood friend with resolution:: Next time i’m on
the base, nothing stops this from happening.

Anders: Agreed, we can make a full weekend of it, I can use a friend of
mines sailboat and we can camp on the boat all weekend, take tanks out
with us and catch our food, there are lots of lobsters out there with
our name all over them. Then grill them and drink on the deck of the
boat. This time I will sail it though. Last time I went sailing with
you we were off the coast of Suraya Bay in the Gaxlin divide on my dad's
boat and you wanted to see how fast the boat would go, Next thing I
remember was the stren coming up and the bow going down and the Gaxlin
ocean hitting my face as we flipped four times. ::Smiling:: And we had
to swim back home, a five hour swim I might add.

::Baylen stood up and walked over to the bar and handed the bartender
his Federation Credit Disk. He waited to make sure it was all good and
then walked back over to Antero and tossed him a t-shirt.::

Anders: I got you a shirt to remember the day. ::Smiling and tossing it
to Antero.:: I guess I will let you go get your paperwork done. But I
look forward to seeing you in a few hours at holodeck 4.

::Baylen walked away quickly before he got sucked into having another
drink and showing up to the awards dinner drunk. But as he walked from
the bar he was very happy at seeing his oldest friend, and being able to
catch up a little with him.::

Anders: oO It will be fun getting to introduce him to Theo tonight. So
long as Antero does not try and put the moves on him with those cunning
way of his. How many dates have I lost to Antero now, too many to count.
Oo ::Smiling

::Baylen smiled and walked to the Turbolift and made his way back to
Ops. He walked out and nodded at a few people and then made his way
into his office and laid down on the sofa to let the Rum settle for a
moment. Before he had to get ready for the Awards Dinner.::

To Be Continued............

*/Wishing you Fair Winds and following Seas.../*

*Lt. Commander Baylen M. Anders*
Mission Specialist
Fleet Operations 118th Fleet
*Star Base 118*


ID: R238606GH0

*/~The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.~/*


**Lt. JG Antero Flynn*
Helm Officer
USS Apollo - A

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