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Prominent Bajoran ambassador goes missing

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DURONIS II — Mere weeks after ending her successful term as Bajoran representative on the Federation Council, Ambassador Anora Neyal has mysteriously vanished.

Left under the protection of two agents thought to be from Federation Security Services (FSS), Ambassador Anora was last seen by eye-witnesses leaving Deep Space 27 aboard a private freighter. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

Upon returning from a visit to her superiors in the Klingon Empire, 1st Lieutenant Myrna—a Klingon combat medic whose career lead her first to become a Starfleet marine and now Ambassador Anora’s personal bodyguard—was shocked to learn of her disappearance. An exhaustive search led her to realize that the two agents she thought were from the FSS had forged their credentials and their true intentions remain unknown. Chasing down whatever whisper-thin rumors she could, Myrna found the Ambassador’s trail leading back to the Laudean homeworld of Duronis II.

With the little information she’d managed to gather, Myrna raced back to her former posting at the Embassy on Duronis II. She brought her revelations first to Lt. Cmdr. Anora Manar, the Ambassador’s daughter, before the two implored Rear Admiral Toni Turner for her aid in locating and recovering the Ambassador. Without hesitation, Turner recalled the Embassy’s staff from shore leave and held a briefing.

“We’re going to find her, don’t you worry,” said Rear Admiral Turner, reassuring Lt. Cmdr. Anora.

Preliminary information has led the Embassy staff to believe that a Ferengi by the name of Deka is responsible for the Ambassador’s disappearance. With the recent attacks on the Embassy and the power vacuum left in its aftermath, Deka managed to acquire a number of assets from his former business partner, Boliva Gaev. With a three-pronged plan, the Embassy staff plans to infiltrate Deka’s new holdings in the tourism sector on Duronis II in order to ascertain the location of Ambassador Anora and ultimately bring home their missing family member.

Turner, Anora, Lt. JG Beyett and Marine Captain Martinez are preparing to visit the Blessed Exchequor’s Palace, a high-stakes casino and hotel complex located outside the Great City of the Fielding League, posing as rich tourists with a penchant for gambling away their fortunes.

Meanwhile, Lt. Cmdr. Flemming is preparing a team to assault the 102nd Rule, a luxury spa and hotel resort on the shores of the Kingdom of Manar where any treatment can be bought for the right amount of latinum – whether or not it’s legal or safe. His team includes Lt. Cmdrs. Hendon, Parker, Rossh, Allison, and Marine Captain Hella.

Deka’s latest venture, an ambitious cruise of not only the seas of Til’ahn but its skies and orbit, is preparing to set sail on its maiden voyage in three days time. Posing as a member of Deka’s hired mercenary security team, Major Pavlova has gone undercover to prepare the way for the rest of Major Edward’s team. Lt. T’Mihn and Myrna have established themselves as noblewomen, heading to the Latinum Jewel to enjoy the varied sights that Duronis II has to offer them.

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