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Gorn Hegemony extends olive branch

Rahman and Rivi Vataix

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GHDAR I — The Gorn Hegemony announced to the Federation that it wishes to open new dialogue between the two powers and rebuild relations that have chilled since the Gorn invasion in 2383.

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This article was written by Colonel Nugra of the USS Doyle-A. Submit your own news story to the FNS!

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My placement with Starfleet as part of an officer exchange program was to help facilitate the possibility of re-establishing dialogue between our respective factions.

In my time here, I have discovered far more about the nature of Starfleet and the fine men and women that call it not only their career, but their family and home. I have made friends that I never thought I would, without compromising my racial culture or identity, and have never felt anything less then acceptance despite the hardships inflicted on each other in the past.

It is with overwhelming joy that I read this article, having seen a similar one posted on the Hegemony's state-run news network.

I would like to think, that despite our differences, our similarities will prevail and allow once again continued cooperation and collaboration on many mutually beneficial projects.

By proxy, I received notification that the exchange program (at least my participation) has been extended from the initial 5 year to 'indefinite', giving me the full reign to fully explore my career and hopefully continue to serve with distinction while proving that differences can be overcome in the name of progress and opportunity.

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