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USS Constitution-B involved in assassination plot?

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TALOS SECTOR — After two months of absence, the USS Constitution-B reappeared in the same sector it went missing, after possibly having been involved in a key historical moment from Earth’s past.

It has been some time since the USS Constitution (NCC-9023-B) disappeared in the Talos Sector while conducting routine sensor sweeps. At the time, little information was released, although it was revealed that a spacial rift had been detected near the Constitution’s last known location.

After the Constitution and her crew vanished, an organized search was held to ensure that the ship had not been destroyed or captured. No evidence of foul play was detected and eventually the search was officially called off. There have been reports of a ship patrolling the area, although it is unclear what its purpose may be and if it is related to the Constitution’s mysterious disappearance.

While no official announcements have been made from Starfleet, a confidential source has revealed that the Constitution had in fact traveled back in time. The source detailed that commanding officer Cmdr. Rajel and several other crew members were forced to go planet-side when they fell through a temporal and spacial rift that left the ship damaged and in orbit of Earth in 1914.

One team successfully gathered materials to repair the severely crippled Constitution. The other team, led by Rajel, were forced to fix the timeline when it became apparent that things were not at they should be.

“It is my understanding that they even beamed an injured civilian onboard, only to heal his injuries and beam him back so he could kill some Archduke and start a world war!” our source stated.

At the moment, none of these accusations can be substantiated. It is quite possible that despite how alarming this information in, it will never be revealed what really happened to the Constitution and her crew. One thing is certain, however. If these details are true, there are many out there that will find it ethically questionable. The Constitution crew will likely be debriefed before being able to take a well-deserved shore leave.

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