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Mom's The Word!


Mom's The Word  

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  1. 1. Who Would Make The Best Mother?

    • Kira Nerys
    • Uhura
    • Captain Janeway
    • Deanna Troi
    • Seven of Nine
    • Jadzia Dax
    • T'Pol
    • Kes

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Welcome to the Poll of the Week!

A friend of mine had a baby last week and it was a real thrill. It was her first and she felt great. Today she is up and about and wallowing in the joys that a newborn child can bring into the lives of any happy couple.

This week we will be focusing on the maternal instincts of those in the Star Trek universe. Who do you think would make the best mother of the women of Star Trek? So vote away for whom you think would make the best mom from the list above, and of course, should I have overlooked anyone who you think should have been listed or at least given an honorable mention, don't be afraid to post below.

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Interesting poll!

I have to say this was more of a process of elimination really.

Janeway and Kira I can't really see as mothers, far too busy!

Seven of Nine and Kes are too busy growing up themselves to be raising their own children.

T'Pol I son't know well enough.

Jadzia Dax I was thinking would be a good choice, given all her experience, but then realised she's a total party animal. Ezri Dax on the other hand...

So, Uhura or Troi and I've opted for Troi, but between the two it's really a coin toss.

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