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NPC Lt. Joren Green - Very funny


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(( Outside Rajel's quarters ))

:: Joren Green had been with the SFI for quite a while. He was the type to follow orders, make sure the rules were enforced and do whatever he had to do, to make sure his superior would be able to do his job without distractions. Commander Prendar had been that superior for longer than Joren could remember. He knew what to expect, what was asked of him, what to do. Like a well oiled machine. Especially in his work with Fallah Rahz, who had been his partner for years. They respected each other too much to mess up. ::

:: He remembered when they had been with this crew before. It had been on the Apollo-A under command of Lieutenant Commander Akeelah D'Sena, the First Officer under Jaxx, who had been called away. He did not wonder about the fate of D'Sena. He knew that she was still on board. They prepared themselves for every case. Apparently Starfleet had followed the suggestion to not give her command, or D'Sena did not want it any more after their visit. Maybe both. Now this Trill was the CO, and they had to make sure that she didn't feed any suggestions to her crew on what to tell SFI in their interviews, or do do anything stupid. ::

:: She was detained, not really under arrest or she'd be in the brig. But visitors were allowed as long as one of them was there to oversee it. One of these visitors was now on the way to those doors. As if Joren was not standing there, the man in teal collar reached out to hit the chime, but Green's hand landed in front of it within a flash. ::

Green: Who are you?

Nijil: Hmm I’m the ship’s tattoo artist.

Green: ::Flat:: Very funny. ::There were three choices were this man came from: Science, Counseling, Medical. Seeing the bag he carried, he stabbed the dark.:: Medical?

Nijil: Yes, I’m here to re-Trill our Trill CO. She called me.

Green: ::Ah yes, her spots had been missing, and she had worn this ridiculous dress.:: I see.

Nijil: Why don’t you just… Open the door?

Green: That would not be your decision, Lieutenant.

:: He then looked to the door mechanism and entered a code, that opened the door. Turning as he walked inside he did not see her, but knew that Fallah knew where she was. ::

Green: Visit for the Commander.

Nijil: Thankssss. Someone called for spots?

Rajel: Indeed, please come on in. I'd have done it myself, but was missing the equipment.

:: Green looked up and saw that the CO had changed into a personal dress, which was more appropriate for the time they were in. Apparently she did not see the need for a uniform. The doctor mumbled something Green couldn't understand, before they spoke in their regular voices again. ::

Nijil: I see. Can we do this privately or will we be giving them a show?

Rajel: Well *he* will continue to watch the door from the outside. *She* though will remain here.

:: Green gave Fallah a quick glance, who smirked slightly and waved him out. With a quick nod he stepped back and the door closed again. His partner had everything under control, so he went back to the outside, making sure nobody just waltzed into the quarters. ::


NPC Lieutenant Joren Green
Starfleet Intelligence

simmed by

Captain Jalana Rajel
Commanding Officer
USS Constitution B
Image Team Facilitator

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