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Ens. Dial - A Long List of Propositions


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((USS Constitution-B, Sickbay))

::After talking to Milsap, Dial had a chat with the head nurse. Sito Meru had been busy with paperwork so far and was happy to have the opportunity to delegate some of her duties but also to have some small talk.::

Sito: Hey Dial. Prophets bless you. I'm buried beneath files.

Dial: Tell me about it. I worked through all those reports about 'minor injuries'. Too bad that in the chaos yesterday almost every injury that was not life-threatening was filed as a 'minor injury' cause those reports are shorter.

Sito: Oh, so you went through them and corrected them?

Dial: As far as it is possible to reconstruct what happened, yes. I don't want to cause too much stress today. We're shorthanded today anyway, plus, all people that were treated provisionally with less than today's standards are coming back today. ::She buried her head in a wall that was covered with a layer of foam.::

Sito: Don't worry. We'll get through this. I've been through worse.

Dial: Really?

Sito: I joined active service when the Dominion war broke out. So yes. Compared to war times, this is running smoothly.

Dial: We should share supper at some point and exchange a few more stories. I had no idea you served during the war.

Sito: Of course. Oh, by the way, would you do me a favour?

Dial: What is it?

Sito: Lieutenant Regn gave me an unfinished report with recommendations to prevent catastrophies like this in the future. Basically it is a collection of notes handed in by nurses and orderlies. Someone needs to make a file of it and give it to Foster, so he cand decide whether to propose some of the propositions to the Captain.

Dial: Can't you just talk to him?

Sito: Yes, I could. But this way, he can give each proposition the time it deserves. If you don't want to, I'll do it.

Dial: Nah, it's fine. I'll get me a coffee and get to it.

Sito: You're not doing by any chance one of those magnificant hand-made coffees, are you?

DIal: Actually, I do.

Sito: Could you make an entire can or better two of it? I mean, there are certainly others than me around who would appreciate that.

Dial: Course. Won't take much longer than making a cup.

Sito: Thanks.


::After making two cans of coffee after grinding the replicated coffee beans and cooking them, Dial got herself a cup of it. Then she headed to her workplace and started working on the report Sito had asked her to write. She opened the file suprised to find a mix of audio, video and text filed. She decided to go through them one by one..::

Report: ::Audio.:: More crewmen need to be trained as medics for emergency situations. The nursing stuff was overwhelmed by the flood of patients coming. A department, outfitted to take care of single cases of injury and sickness or small groups, can't heal the entire crew within less than a day. It is a miracle that noone was hurt today. - Crewman Tox

Report: ::Audio.:: I'm convinced that more plant- and animal-based treatments, alternative medicine, would have give us more and better options on how to react in general... Also in situations like this. - Petty Officer Harak'oun

Report: ::Video.:: When the Constitution's energy ressources were shortened, we didn't just lack medical equipment like scanners that would cost too much precious energy, but also drugs. Our supplies need to be trippled to ensure an emergency stock for a third of the crew. Imagine it had come to a total loss of power. What would have happened then? - Chief Petty Officer Calady

Report: ::Text.:: Providing more EMHs would have enabled us not to call everyone to duty, causing less undermanned shifts the following days. Also it would have increased the reaction time of sickbay's emergency teams. - Ensign Ramirez

Report: ::Audio.:: In my opinion, we got far too less traditional equipment. We need to store bandages, crutches, etc. for cases when there isn't enough or any energy. Had we had no energy, we would have failed to provide anything. We must make ourselves less dependable on replicators and modern technology. - Lieutenant Argiop

::A few other proposals, most of them paraphrases of the ones she heard before, followed and Dial sighed deeply. This would be a rather long day. But at least it would keep her from thinking about family stuff, about depressing stuff, about stuff in general. So instead of thinking she put herself at work.::

Dial: Computer, initiate an audio record please. ::Only when she spoke the words, she remembered the period when the Apollo's computer had constantly malfunctioned and tried to train her to use "please" and "thank you" and be generally nice to the computer. She had never found out what was wrong with the computer or who did this to her, but she had learned to be polite even to the arficial presence of the computer.::

Computer: Recording audio.

Dial: This is Ensign Dial, nursing staff. Stardate 239108.12. This is a report about the medical crisis we went through during the Constitution-B's time travelling mission that lead us to Earth in 191427.06. It is filed after the mission containing a number of proposals to prevent triage situations like the one sickbay went through during this mission.

Dial: ::She took a sip of the coffee she made a little while ago. The sugar and the warmth comforted her.:: There are two main directions of thoughts. One is how to avoid situations like this. The other train of thoughts tries to outline how to avoid overstressing sickbay's capacities in the future.

Dial: ::She took a large gulp of coffee and closed her eye for a second.:: It was suggested that sickbay and engineering might cooperate to find better emergency settings improving the crew's safety during ::She stressed the following term's pronounciation to make sure it was understood as a colloquial expression.:: "bumpy rides" as the one we had. Measures to avoid people from tumbling and falling and hurting themselves badly might include an increase of gravity in situations like this. A team of experts should be formed to discuss emergency options like these.

Dial: ::Another large gulp of coffee went down Dial's throat.:: Suggestions about the improvement of sickbay's emergency reactions include the recruitment of more medical personal, special trainings for personnell of other departments and to have more Medical Emergency Holograms. Trained medics would have helped a lot taking care of minor injuries that were reported everywhere aboard. Also sickbay wouldn't need to send out people to every place but only where nurses and doctors are required.

Dial: ::Dial drank the rest of her coffee.:: Other proposals aim at situations where the loss or shortage of energy becomes a problem. As the logs and reports of the crisis suggest we keep a very low stockage of medicine. Our instruments need energy and without a dermal regernerator we're even unable to close a wound since we lack bandages in reasonable amounts. The main suggestion is to give sickbay one of the cargo bays where enough rations of drugs and medical equipment not requiring power might be stored.

Dial: ::Dial used her long tongue to lick up the last rests of coffee left in her mug.:: While this might seem very drastic and a huge space, I'd like to stress that the amount of equipment and drugs that could be kept there would be enough to treat 2 thirds of the ship's population. Providing those ressources without having to replicate or use the ship's power reserves should be standard. And by saying it should be standard, I mean that the reports about our situation during the last mission as well as this specific proposal should be forwarded to Starfleet Medical.

Dial: This report is sent to Dr. Foster as well as his assistant Dr. Milsap. In case of queries please turn to Head nurse Sito or me as I set up this report. We would like you to forward any requests needing the CO's authorization. Dial out.

::Dial pressed a few buttons and send the audio record to Lieutenant Commander Foster as well as a copy to Lieutenant Junior Grade Milsap, who was the new Assistant Chief Medical Officer. Dial also sent a bbc to Sito Meru who would most likely be interested in seeing what Dial had fabricated out of the snippets of other people's proposals.::

[[indirect TAGs/ Foster and Milsap]]


Ens. Dial

USS Constitution-B

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