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Help sustain our community: Donate today

StarBase 118 Staff

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Every year, our community comes together to raise the money required to keep our website online. And it’s no small feat! It costs about $1,344 a year to run the site. Here’s what that money goes toward:

  • Domains: $105 per year. We have seven domain names that we renew each year to protect our brand.
  • Web hosting: $850 per year. Our forums, wiki, and other peripheral areas of the site are hosted on a Virtual Private Server.
  • SSL certificate: $100 per year. Using an SSL certificate on our server ensures that our traffic is secured, increases our search engine rankings, and creates trust with visitors.
  • Forum licensing: $50 per year. This allows us to run our forum software and get regular security updates as necessary.
  • Backup: $120 per year. Daily, weekly, and monthly backups of our site.
  • GravityForms: $99 per year. A website plugin that makes administering our dozens of forms easier, as well as cutting down on spam trafficking.
  • Website caching: $20 per year. To help our main website load as quickly as possible, we use a plugin which requires a yearly subscription.

We’re entirely volunteer-run, and community supported. Any extra donations we earn go toward the next year’s site costs, as well as advertising campaigns that help us grow the community.

We need to raise at least half our costs by December 31st. Will you chip in with a donation of $10 or more to help us meet our goal and sustain our community resources?

Donating only takes a few minutes and your transaction is securely processed by PayPal.

Thank you for everything you do to help grow our community and maintain our reputation as the most dynamic Star Trek simming group online today!

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