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USS Doyle returns from Omicron Herculis after costly victory

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DEEP SPACE 285 – The USS Doyle-A crew returned from the Omicron Herculis System to regroup from their mission.

The past month for the USS Doyle-A (NCC-80221-A) has been one mixed with both success and close calls. Upon arriving at Omicron Herculis, both away teams sent to examine the planet became infected with bio-agents which caused their exploration to end early. With emergency beam outs to the medical bay, all infected personnel were put under quarantine until a cure could be found.

Meanwhile, help had been sent from Deep Space 285 with the arrival of the USS Sacred Heart. The medical vessel was quick to action, or much to the chagrin of Commander Faranfey, too forward in their actions as the commanding officer, Lieutenant Commander Joan Hart, beamed off one of the infected personnel to her ship without notifying the Doyle. Although purportedly it was to assist the patient Ensign Aurora, a Deltan with a unique physiology, tensions did rise between the two officers.

In sickbay, emotions were at a high trying to treat the patients which had become infected. Lieutenants Bishop and Craig worked tirelessly to treat the infected.

When attempting to contact the Chief Medical Officer on how they managed to find a cure in such a short period of time we were told, “If you are looking for what happened on our latest mission, then you will have to talk to Starfleet command. Please excuse me, I have something more important to do.”

It appears the secret to the cure will have to wait until those documents become declassified.

However, the mission was still a success with the capture of wanted criminal Fairioni K’Ariadust, who is known to have ties to Klingon extremists. Additionally, there was a successful rescue of the Doyle’s Chief HCO officer, Ceciri Hakashri, Fairioni’s daughter. While the mission was a success, many people on the planet died due to the bioweapon, and K’Ariadust awaits trial for her actions. As of now, there have been no requests to have her extradited for her crimes by Cygnet XIV.

Due to the emotional stress put upon the Doyle’s crew in their last mission, a number of officers had to take time off to step away from their positions. Most notable was the resignation of the First Officer, Lieutenant Commander Sabrina Holly. She will be missed by her crew and they hope that she will be able to return soon. Additionally, Lieutenant Commander Ceciri Hakashri decided to step down from her chief role to focus on other matters. Lastly, Lieutenant Commander Nemitor Atimen has also stepped away for personal reasons, perhaps due to the surprise visit of his brother on Deep Space 285. Lieutenant Commander Phos has also stepped down and has been unable to be located for comment.

While it was sad to see so many people go, the Doyle is more than happy to welcome the following new personnel. Lieutenant Kyle Barret who will be replacing Commander Atimen as the Chief Engineer. In the Sciences division, Lieutenant Commander Tsuki Kazeyama will be stepping up as the Chief Science Officer. For another twist of fate, Colonel Nugra, former Commanding Officer of the USS Victory has also joined the crew as the Marine Commanding Officer. With talent like this, the Doyle is sure to have its next mission be a roaring success.

The crew would also like to welcome aboard two new ensigns fresh from the Academy. They are Ensigns Saavei and X’al Empic! F’ren‎, who will be joining the Science and Intelligence departments respectively.

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