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USS Albion engages in dogfight with USS Stormcrow

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VALDIS SYSTEM – The USS Albion intercepted the USS Stormcrow, trying to prevent the latter from committing an act of war against a defenseless Romulan colony.

Following a stressful shore leave, Captain Leo Handley-Page left StarBase 118 for Byzantium to seek a cure for the mutations afflicting several members of the crew. Shortly afterwards Commander Sal Taybrim received a priority message from Starfleet Command to expedite the launch of the USS Albion.

Rousing irritated crew from their beds in the middle of the night, the USS Albion sped off to intercept the Cheyenne class USS Stormcrow. The Stormcrow went rogue after its commanding officer Captain Haz Arrhimen found out his younger brother was murdered by Romulan terrorists. Arrhimen confirmed his plans to start a war by broadcasting his intentions to Starfleet Command. The Stormcrow was slowed by an altercation with the fast frigate USS Tribal, but they quickly dispatched the smaller ship leaving the Tribal dead in space.

The Albion launched two Arrow class shuttles to render aid to the Tribal while continuing on to face the Stormcrow. Arrhimen got the jump on the Albion, attacking as the Albion emerged from a mine-filled asteroid belt. After a short, violent ship-to-ship battle, the Albion deployed a pulse wave that knocked the Stormcrow’s shields offline and shot to disable the vessel. However, something went wrong and the Stormcrow’s engines were destroyed, leaving only a handful of survivors in the saucer section.

“I’m tellin’ you, put a Gorn behind the weapons console, and you gotta expect a BIG boom!” StarBase 118 crewman Nigel Forray commented on the Stormcrow’s destruction. “Arrhimen’s lucky that lizard didn’t bite ’em to boot!”

Recovering from the shock, the Albion took the lifeboats from the Stormcrow onboard, and Captain Arrhimen requested a conference with Commander Taybrim. Once on the bridge, Arrhimen proceeded to make insane demands and offer a plethora of threats which may or may not be true, including bragging that he had created a bioweapon virus and brought it on board the Albion with him. Biohazard alarms confirmed this threat, and portions of the Albion remain under quarantine.

Meanwhile, a security team from the USS Albion is scouring the Stormcrow’s saucer section for survivors and access to the computer banks, and the threat of Romulan interference looms in the shadows. With all eyes on the Albion, her crew seeks to clean Arrhimen’s mess up quickly and return home.

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ufopsb118?d=yIl2AUoC8zA ufopsb118?i=apWwTnrfrOo:DDVpnwiDzrQ:D7Dq ufopsb118?d=qj6IDK7rITs

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