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Presidential candidates meet in final debate; WATCH LIVE at 2pm EST

Rahman and Rivi Vataix

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By T'Vas

Stardate 239212.05


TELLAR PRIME — The five leading candidates in the 2392 Federation presidential race will take the stage at Gral University for the final debate of the election cycle.

As the election draws near, Federation citizens will get one last look at all of the candidates together on one stage:

  • Ambassador Lily Ventu

  • Chief Administrator Narala of Nimbus III

  • Governor Adellia Vor of Axanar

  • Federation Councilor for Terra Nova Kevin Steiner

  • Trill Chief of Staff Anari Kthria

The debate will be hosted by FNS political contributor Maronida Shiir and FNS columnist Churok and will cover foreign policy, domestic and social issues, and questions directly from the audience.

Join us this Saturday on stardate 239212.05 at 7pm London/2pm New York/11 am San Francisco through our live data feed!

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