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An interview with our Promotions Coordinator: Renos

StarBase 118 Staff

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This is Part 2 of an interview with Capt. Renos. Click here to read Part 1.

Captain Renos of the USS Darwin has recently assumed the OOC position of Promotions Coordinator. We had a moment to sit down and ask him a few questions about his new position.

Jansen Orrey: So what can you tell us about the position of the Promotions Coordinator?

Renos: This position’s goal is ​to create a central resource officer for all promotions in the fleet, but primarily for staff promotions to commander, captain, and above. To that end the Promotion Coordinator works closely with​ players ranked Lieutenant Commander and above as well as their COs and mentors to help everyone ​move ​more smoothly and effectively through the promotion process. ​It’s important to us that we ensure the group is building up a strong bulwark of talented command candidates.

Jansen Orrey: How does your position help to expedite the process through the promotion chain to command?

Renos: By being an additional point of contact for aspiring candidates to go to if they have questions they can be assured that they will always have the right support to move forward. Since the promotions coordinator assesses command interest in potential candidates, keeps track of aspiring candidates and keeps an eye on the bigger picture it means those who are looking for opportunities get offered them as appropriate as they become available.

Jansen Orrey: So you help members fulfill the requirements to take them as far along the command path as they want to go by steering them toward options that suit their interests?

Renos: I can help candidates find suitable opportunities but it’ll be the candidate’s own hard work that sees them progress.

Jansen Orrey: Who is eligible to speak with the promotion coordinator?

Renos: I work primarily with candidates who have reached the rank of Lt. Commander but any player of any rank is welcome to get in touch with me.

Jansen Orrey: When should potential commander candidates contact you?

Renos: The first person they should contact is their commanding officer, to let them know they’re interested in the command track. Then any interested Lieutenants and Lieutenant Commanders can contact me any time they have questions.

Jansen Orrey: What should folks interested in promotion to commander do?

Renos: Aside from talking to their commanding officer about their interest in promotion to commander they should review the promotions guide on the wiki this details the skills we’re looking for in potential commanders as well as the responisbilities that go with the rank.

Jansen Orrey: What are you goals for the position?

Renos: The goals of the position are to keep track of all the candidates actively working towards promotion, monitor the progress of these candidates, check in with candidate’s mentors periodically to assess next steps, managing reference material and keeping it up-to-date, and coordinating with test facilitators.

Jansen Orrey: What would you like to see happen with the commander pool for the group?

Renos: I’d like to see the commander pool for the group grow and see many more officers achieving this rank.

Jansen Orrey: Why did you agree to take the position on?

Renos: It’s something I feel passionately about. Having a strong pool of Commanders is important for the group so it’s important to me. We have many talented people in the group, many who would love the chance to command their own ship one day and I want to be able to help them reach that goal.

Jansen Orrey: Why is building a pool of commanders important?

Renos: These are our leaders of tomorrow and if we have a strong group of commanders at all times then it’ll do wonders for the strength of our fleet. Having many capable commanders would provide great support for our ships and captains while at the same time giving us options when looking for the next commanding officers.

Jansen Orrey: Is there anything else you would like to tell us about the position?

Renos: No, however if I could give one bit of advice to people wanting to move forward it would be to be willing to learn, keep an open mind and have a proactive attitude – ask your Commanding Officer about ways you can help. We can teach players and help them refine skills but they have to bring the right attitude.

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